Haryana Board 10+1 March 2019 English Grammar Solution – Section B

HBSE ( Haryana Board ) 2019 Exam Solution. Check below the solution of Grammar Portion ( Section B ). The Paper took place on 1st of March 2019. This paper was published and sent by the Haryana Govt.

About the Paper ( Paper Analysis ) –

The paper was simple. Therefore It made the students cheerful. However there were two or three general mistakes. On the whole, it was a good paper.

Solution of Grammar Portion ( Section B )

This portion contained three parts namely – a, b, c, d, e. The topics were – Use of Verbs, Combining of two parts in to one, use of preposition, articles, change of voice. Now check the solution of all the 16 sentences lying in Grammar Portion.

3. a. Use of Correct Form of the Verbs given in the brackets –

i When the doctor arrived he realized that the patient had died.

ii. We had come to this city in 1987 and have been living here ever since.

iii. She had gone out at 10 o’clock and has not returned yet.

iv. Ever since he has had that accident he walks with a limp.

3 b. Combine each of the following group of the sentences –

i. Ben peeped into the room where his brothers were sleeping.

ii. As you can not reach the fan, stand on a stool

iii. I would like to read the poem which my son had written  for his school magazine.

Complete Solution of 10+1 Final Exam ( 1st March 2019 Grammar )

3c. Use Appropriate Prepositions –

i. They stopped working at sunset.

11. The work must be finished by the end of the week.

iii. Women’s Day is on 8th of March.

3.d. Use of Appropriate Articles –

i. I like to give a useful present.

ii. We stayed at a hotel at the centre of the town.

iii. The proposal was accepted by a unanimous vote.

3. e. Change the voice –

i. Somebody has eaten all the food.

ii. Her bag was misplaced by Mary.

iii. The visitors book was signed by all the guests.

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