Antonyms from the Previous Recruitment Exams – Practice Set

An antonym is word that has opposite meaning of the given the word. In almost all the Recruitment Exams/ Entrance Tests, there are some questions related with Antonyms. In this way, the examiner checks the knowledge of the vocabulary of the examinees.

Here you find one word with four options. One of them is the antonym of the word in question. For solving such questions, the candidates must have good command over vocabulary.

The following Practice Paper contains antonyms related questions from the Previous exams by SSC/ IBPS/ Railways/ MBA CAT ( Common Admission Test) . This will provide both knowledge of words and idea of the words asked in such papers.

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Directions – Each question consists of a word followed by four alternatives as a/ b/ c/ d. Select the word which is nearly opposite to the meaning of the original work.

Q. 1 Jocund

a. destructive b. morose c. sweet d. charitable

Q. 2. Illuminate

a. dampen b. darken c. introduce d. fortify

Q. 3. Induce

a. dissuade b. enervate c. persuade d. reduce

Q. 4 Imbecile

a. simpleton b. moron c. enervated d. sane

Q. 5. Fickle

a. repulsive b. yielding c. debilitating d. firm

Q. 6. Exquisite

a. sanguine b. detestable c. adherence d. scandalous

Q. 7. Steadfast

a. feeble b. faint c. staunch d. wavering

Antonyms from Previous Question Papers

Q. 8. Conspicuous

a. redundant b. obscure c. superfluous d. prejudice

Q. 9. Provision

a. abundance b. waste c. expression d. realism

Q. 10. Boisterous

a. lively b. spirited c. animated d. subdued

Q. 11. Eulogize

a. censure b. praise c. sweet d. decrease

Q. 12. Spurious

a. factitious b. counterfeit c. genuine d. sham

Q. 13. Magnify

a. augment b. extol c. deepen d. reduce

Q. 14. Optimism

a. syllogism b. debility c. serenity d. gloominess

Q. 15. Compassionate

a. merciless b. lascivious c. lusty d. mellifluous

Q. 16. Subside

a. swell b. succeed c. subordinate d. subvert

Answers – 1. b 2. b 3. a 4. d 5. d 6. b 7. d 8. b 9. b 10. d 11. a 12. c 13. d 14. d 15. a 16. a

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