Concepts Part 4 - Definition, Types and Examples

You will read on this page types and examples of concepts part - 4 along with definition The next point is Obligation and Necessity - These are presented by the following way - Use of Verbs like compel and oblige

Concepts Part 2 - Definition and Examples

In this page, we shall read other types of Concepts. This is the part - 02. Concept Part 1 Suggestion - It can be shown with the help of - Let us go there. Shall we write this essay ?

Define Clause, its Types - Clause Analysis

Clause - Prepare its Types - We are doing Clause Analysis - Important Links ahead - Clause means part. There may be one part of a sentence or more than one. First of all check the following sentences - Ram

Parts of Speech - Types with Examples

Know about Parts of Speech - Its types/ kinds with examples Parts of Speech ( sentence ) - They are the words divided into various kinds according to their work in a sentence. There are eight parts of speech. They

What is an Adjective Clause ? - Its Types

In the previous blog posts you read about Noun Clause and Adverbial Clause. In this post, we shall discuss the Adjective Clause. What is an Adjective Clause and what are its types ? A clause that does the work of

Use of Determiners - Types and Practice Sets

Learn the definition/ Use of Determiners along with its types and Practice sets - Definition of Determiners - Determiner is word that determines or limits the noun that follows it. For examples - This book, Some books, A few difficulties

Conjugated Verbs - Three Forms of Verbs

Learn Three forms of Verbs / Conjugated Verbs with Practice Sets/ Important Verbs Verbs are very important in sentence structures. In order to demonstrate any of the actions, we need verbs. There are three types of verbs - Present Verbs/

Aspect in English Grammar - Read Types with Examples

Definition of Grammatical Aspect - Types of Aspect - Check Examples - What is an Aspect in English Grammar ? We use the word ' Aspect' to describe the way a verb or verbal group shows whether an activity is