Parts of Speech – Types with Examples

Know about Parts of Speech – Its types/ kinds with examples

Parts of Speech ( sentence ) –

They are the words divided into various kinds according to their work in a sentence. There are eight parts of speech. They are –

Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Adverbs, Prepositions, Adjectives, Conjunctions and Interjections

Sometimes, a word can work as different parts of speech ( sentence ).

For instance : A word can work as a noun. In some sentence, the same word can work as a verb or an adjective etc. It means a word can work in one way in one context, totally different in other context.

He had a cut on his head.

He cut an apple in the morning.

In the first sentence the word cut performs as a noun whereas in the 2nd sentence the same word is working as a verb. Cut    Cut     Cut

Before we move ahead with this topic, we must know their definitions.

Noun – Noun is the name of anything else. For example :- Ram, School, Chalk etc.

Pronoun – Pronoun is word used in place of a noun in a sentence. For example :- He, She etc.

Verb – Verb is a word that shows an action by the subject in a sentence. For example :- Cut, Work etc.

Adverb – Adverb is a word that adds to meaning of the verb, the adjective, another adverb in a sentence. For example :- Daily, Away etc.

Adjective – Adjective is a word that qualifies a noun or a pronoun. For example :- Beautiful, Tall etc.

Pronoun – Pronoun is a word that shows relation between two nouns or a noun and a verb in a sentence. For example :- At, On etc.

Conjunction – Conjunction is a word that joins words, phrases or clauses. For example :- And, But etc.

Interjection – Interjection is a word that shows some feeling like of happiness, sorrow, surprise etc. For example :- Hurrah !, Alas ! etc.

Exercise of Parts of Speech for Practice – Practice Set with Solution

Find out parts of speech from various sentences given below –

Sentence 1 – The court opens at 9:30 a.m.

Sentence 2 – The patriots courted arrest.

In the 1st sentence the word court is working as a noun whereas in the 2nd sentence the same word is working as a verb.

Bravo ! You have won the match.

Bravo ! – Interjection

You – Pronoun

Have Won – Verb

The – article

Match – Noun

He went to Delhi.

He – Pronoun

Went – Verb

To – Preposition

Delhi – Noun

The students get up early.

The – Article

Students – Noun

Get – Verb

Up – Preposition

Early – Adverb

Radha is a very beautiful woman.

Radha – Noun

Is – Verb

A – Article

Very – Adverb

Beautiful – Adjective

Woman – Noun

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