Aspect in English Grammar – Read Types with Examples

Definition of Grammatical Aspect – Types of Aspect – Check Examples –

What is an Aspect in English Grammar ?

We use the word ‘ Aspect’ to describe the way a verb or verbal group shows whether an activity is continuing, is repeated, or is finish.

Types of Aspects –

There are two aspects in English Language –

i. the Progressive Aspect

ii. the Perfective Aspect

Now reads these two aspects in details –

i. Progressive Aspect -Verbal groups containing forms of be ( is/am/are/was/were) plus verb 1 ing are said to marked for PA. They show continuity in the action.

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Examples of Present Progressive –

Kinjal is dancing.

I am reading a newspaper.

Examples of Past Progressive –

Rudra was playing cricket.

We were taking breakfast.

ii. Perfect Aspect –

Verbal Structures having forms of have ( has/have/had) plus verb 3 ( past participle) are said to be marked for Perfect Aspect. They show that the said action is complete.

Examples –

Rules of Tense

Present Perfect –

Children have done their work.

She has taken tea.

Past Perfect –

Teacher had finished the lesson.

We had won the match.

iii. Perfective Progressive Aspect –

Verbal Groups having forms of have + been + verb 1 + ing belong to Perfective Progressive Aspect. This aspect shows that an action had begun in the past and is still continuing or continued in the past up to some while. Such action is an incomplete one.

Present Perfective Progressive –

Kinjal has been sleeping since morning.

They have been living here for two years.

Past Perfect Progressive –

It had been raining since morning yesterday.

Present Modal Progressive –

Children may be doing painting.

Past Modal Progressive –

They might be doing painting.

Present Modal Perfective –

He may have left.

Past Modal Perfective –

They might have taken their lunch.

Present Modal Perfective Progressive –

Rudra may have been reading a book.

Past Modal Perfective Progressive –

They might have been watching TV.

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