HBSE English Grammar ( 12th ) Solved Paper of 11th April 2022 – Set D

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Grammar Portion

Do as you are told :

Q. Use of articles :-

a. Mumbai is ————-capital of Maharashtra.

Answer – the

b. Man is ————- mortal.

Answer – no article

c. You are ———— University graduate.

Answer – a

Q. 2 Fill in the blanks with correct modals ( any two ) : –

a. My grandfather ————- to sing classic song.

Answer – Used

b. The teacher said, ” Yes, you ———– come in. ”

Answer – May

c. It is Sunday today. I ———– go to office.

Answer – Might

Q. 3 Use right form of verb ( any two ) –

a. I have not ———— all the questions so far.

Answer – attempted

b. My father ————– a match at present.

Answer – is watching

c. If you give me money, I ———– you a watch.

Answer – shall buy

Q. 4 Active and Passive Voice ( Any two ) –

a. Rachit is disturbing me.

Answer – I am being disturbed by Rachit.

b. She has cheated us every time.

Answer – We have been cheated by her every time.

c. She teases me.

Answer – I am teased by her.

Q. 5 Narration or Reported Speech ( any two ) : –

a. You said, ” You are my friend. ”

Answer – You said that  I was your friend.

b. The teacher said to the boys, ” You will get good marks this time. ”

Answer – The teacher told the boys that they would get good marks that time.

c. He said to me, ” Your card has expired. ”

Answer – He told me that my card had expired.

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