HBSE 10th English Grammar Set B Solved Paper – 4th April 2022

Haryana Board ( BSEH ) 10th 4th April 2022 Solved English Grammar Paper Set B – Answer is available after each and every question – Important links for 10th class students

Section B Grammar – You have to attempt any 15 sentences

Q. 1 Correct form of verbs :-

a. He————-( go ) for a walk everyday.

Answer – goes

b. He—————( wear ) a coat as it is very cold.

Answer – is wearing

c. She—————–( not visit ) us last year.

Answer – did not visit

Q. 2 Narration :-

a. The teacher said, ”  The Ganga rises from the Himalayas. ”

Answer – The teacher said that the Ganga rises from the Himalayas.

b. He said to me ,” Have you taken your lunch ?”

Answer He asked me if I had taken my lunch.

c. She said to him ,”Why did you keep me waiting ?”

Answer – She asked him why he had kept her waiting.

Q. 3 Correct articles :-

a. He is ————–best teacher I have known.

Answer – the

b.———elephant is a big animal.

Answer – an

c. Mohan is ————-loyal servant.

Answer – a

Q. 4 Modals :-

a.————–God bless her with a son !

Answer – May

b. Work hard lest you ————-fail.

Answer – should

c. Run fast or you———–miss  the train.

Answer- will

Q. 5. Correct form of Gerund/ Infinitive :-

a.We go to school—————.

Answer – to study

b. We should ———–( respect ) our teachers.

Answer – respect

c.—————( smoke ) is bad for health.

Answer – Both A and B

Q 6 . Punctuation :-

a.ram says that mr sham lal teaches him hindi

Answer :- Ram says that Mr. Sham Lal teaches him Hindi.

b. he says i am ill

Answer – He says,” I am ill”.

c. please bring three cups of tea

Answer – Please bring three cups of tea.

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