Concepts Part 3 – Definition & Examples

On this page we shall do the rest of definitions and examples of concepts

Intention –

Intention can be shown from the following way –

  • Use of Verbs like Intend, Plan and Mean

We intended to read this book.

  • Use of Nouns like – Intention and plan

The boy’s intention is to clear this exam.

  • Use of Going to + infinitive –

Students are going to study from this month.

Resolve, Determination and Willingness

These can be shown from the following way –

  • Use of Verbs like Determine, decide and resolve. We can also use phrase Make up one’s mind.

They made up their mind to go out.

  • Use of Will/ Would and Shall/ Should –

She will come this time.

We should do this work now.

  •  Use of Nouns like Resolution, Decision and Determination.

His decision is to open a school for the poor students.

  • Use of Willingness/ Willingly/ Willing –

She wants to read this book willingly.


Purpose can be shown from following examples –

  • Use of to –

He went to Delhi to purchase things for his shop.

  • Use of that –

He eats that he may live.

  • Use of So as to –

He reads this book so as to get good marks in the test.

  • Use of For –

Ravi uses mobile phone to do online work.

  • Use of Enough –

Sita is intelligent enough to top the class.

  • Use of so –

He worked very hard so he passed the exam.

  • Use of in order to –

Bhagat Singh gave his life in order that the country might be free.

  • Use of For fear –

She did not take the exam for fear she would fail.

  • Use of Lest…………should ( purpose ) –

Walk fast lest you should miss the bus.

  • Use of So/ Such a ………..that –

The poor man is so weak that he can not write.

  • Use of Too…… –

The poor man is too weak to write.

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