Regularization Policy in Haryana Cancelled – Read Details

It is a big jerk for thousands of regular employees in various departments in Haryana. These are those employees who were enjoying this privilege after having selected on contract basis. Punjab and Haryana High Court has snapped the 3 year and 10 year regularization policies which were effective during the tenure of Huda Govt. Besides, the court has ordered the govt to do the regular recruitment within six months after this order.

Who will be effective from this decision ?

From this order of the HC, those employees of Haryana will be effective who had got permanent jobs under this policy. In addition, the state has been reined. Now it will not be able to make the temporary teachers permanent. In a way, as per some people, no back door entry to the govt jobs.

Those who had got the status of permanent employee owing to this decision will get their previous position, means will become temporary employees again.

Facilities to the Affective Employees –

There is one relax that the honorable court has given to these unfortunate employees is that these will enjoy age relaxation in the upcoming recruitment. Law experts were already opposing these policies illegal citing judgement of 5 member judge bench against Some Uma Devi.

Who had challenged this ruling ?

Two persons named Yogesh Tyagi and Ankur Chabra through the advocate Anurag Goel had challenged these policies. The court had reserved its decision. But now HC has disclosed its order against in favor of this petition by these people.

Views of the People –

Obviously there are mixed views concerning this latest decision of Punjab and Haryana High Court. Those at the losing side and their relatives and friends term it as injustice to them. They find no fault of theirs. According to them, this decision will affect not only their own life but that of their family.

Others term it as the real justice. They call it a back door entry for the near and dear of ministers and officials. They give the logic that they don’t attain the jobs after clearing tests and interviews, on the other hand this a very simple step for these people.

Share your views as well.

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  1. सरकारें मन मर्जी चला रही हैं। अभी वाली पहले के बंदे हटा देगी आगे वाली सरकार इन वालों को।बस फर्क सिर्फ समझ का है कि सभी सरकारें लगाना सिर्फ अपने कार्यकर्ताओं को चाहती हैं।ये बात सरकारों को भी पता है लोगों को भी और कोर्ट को भी।
    बोलता कोई नहीं क्योंकि सभी को बस अपना काम करवाना है। हमारा देश दक्षिण में अंतिम छोर पर यानी गहराई में था ये इसकी प्रकृति है और भ्रष्ट नेता इसे गड्ढे में खींच रहे हैं ये हमारा दुर्भाग्य है।


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