HSSC Clerk 11th 4th Dec 27th Nov Morning Answer key 2016 with Solution

Now the Haryana Staff Selection Commission has held the 4th December 2016 Exam Morning Session. So the candidates are expecting the complete solution on this page. Our team is quite busy in collecting and solving the questions of this clerk exam. WE assure you that the answer key of this morning session exam shall be available by 5:00 pm today.

It was the third leg of Clerk Exam by HSSC. Morning Shift Paper is done and now it is time for us to prepare the Answer key of this paper. Before that I wish to thank Mr Vishal ( my namesake) S/O Sh Prem for sending us the whole Question Paper.

We shall bring you the complete solution of 11th Dec. 2016 exam Solution by 5:00 pm on the same date.

We have also got a bit of review of the exam from him. According to him, the exam was not so difficult. But it was English Portion that disturbed him a bit. On the whole he looked satisfied with his attempt of the exam.

Now you can also judge your performance from the Answer key below. Again I wish to share Disclaimer tag with you.

Disclaimer - Though I have done my best to bring to you the error free answer key, there may be some errors. So you must not delay in correcting me and I shall be ready to admit and correcting this answer key.

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May be I and my team shall not be able to get the answers of some of the questions. Therefore, if you have the idea of the answer and you are sure about it, you can share that with us. After confirming it, we shall also add the answer. Thanks and enjoy your Answers -

HSSC Clerk Answer key For 27th Nov Morning Shift 2016

Q. By which constitutional amendment, voting age reduced from 21 to 18 years ?

Answer - 61st Amendment ( 1988)

Q. Fundamental Rights provided to the Indian Citizens in the original constitution -

Answer -

Q. Which year did the First Five-Year plan cover ?

Answer - 1951 to 1956

Q. When was Decimal Currency system introduced in India ?

Answer - 1st April 1957

Q. National Emblem adopted in -

Answer - 26th January 1950

Q. Gol Gumbaz, the largest dome, located

Answer - Karnataka

Q. First Indian to be the President of the International Court of Justice ?

Answer - Nagendra Singh

Q. India's Largest beach is -

Answer - Marina Beach

Q. PIN Code in India introduced in -

Answer - August 15, 1972

Q. Gharonda ( घरौंडा ) is located in the district

Answer - Karnal

Q. Which artist is believed to start Saang ( Swaang) सांग in Haryana ?

Answer - Kishan Lal Bhaat

Q. Who started the construction of famous Qutub Minar ?

Answer - Qutbuddin Aibak

Haryana Clerk Solution for 27th Nov Morning Paper

Q. First woman to rule Delhi ?

Answer - Razia

Q. On which west-flowing river is the Jog Falls located ?

Answer - Sharavati

Q. Home of Asiatic lion ?

Answer - Gir National Park ( Gujarat )

Q. Surdas is the contemporary of -

Q. Most ancient Vat-Vriksha ( वट वृक्ष ) ( Banyan tree) considered to be associated with Geeta-Gyan is located -

Answer - Jyotisar

Q. City of Haryana called the Power House of Boxing ?

Answer - Bhiwani

Q. River formed the boundary line between Haryana and Uttar Pradesh ?

Answer - Yamuna

Q. City which is not in the NCR ?

Answer - Hisar

Q. Which district is formed at last ?

Answer - Palwal

Q. No of Lok Sabha seats in Haryana ?

Answer - 10

Q. Which pilgrimage is located at the Kheri Gujjar Village of Sonipat District ?

Answer - Satkumbha Pilgrimage

Q. Name of the garden at Pinjore ?

Answer - Yadavindra Garden

Q. On which National Highway Dharuhera Industrial Region is located ?

Answer - Delhi Jaipur

Q. HMT ( Hindustan Machine Tools) located

Answer - Pinjore

Q. Govt Sugar Mill in Kurukshetra District situated -

Answer - Shahbad

Q. Kala Teetar Tourist place

answer -Sirsa District

Q. In which month Teej Festival comes ?

Answer - Saavan

Q. All craftsmen and artists from India participated in -

Answer - Surajkund Crafts Mela

Q. Khalsa sect is formed in the month of -

Answer -Vaishakh

English Language Clerk Answer Key

Q. Best expresses the meaning - VERATE

Answer - Scold

Q. Word Opposite in meaning to LACONIC

Answer - Prolix

Q. Meaning of the phrase - Informal business communication with a personal signature

Answer - Memorandum

Q. Appropriate Preposition - His path was beset --with----difficulties.

Q. Correct spelling -

Answer - Conglomerate

HSSC Clerk Hindi Solution -

Q. प्रेमचंद - गोदान

Q. अपनी गली में तो कुत्ता भी शेर -

Answer - अपने क्षेत्र में सभी ताकतवर होते हैं

Q. मानक हिंदी का विकास किस बोली में हुआ - खड़ी बोली

Q. सदाचार - सत् + आचार

Question - जो आँखों के सामने हो - प्रत्यक्ष

Q. उद्घाटन का संधि विग्रह - उत् +घाटन

Q. वर्ग मिलान -

Ans - 2, 4, 3, 1

Q. जो अच्छा बोलता है - वाग्मी

Q. पीताम्बर का  विग्रह व् समास का नाम - पीत है अम्बर जिसका श्रीकृष्ण - बहुव्रीहि

Reasoning Portion of Clerk Paper

Q. Correct Alternative -

Answer - Fossils : Creatures :: Mummies : Human Beings

Q. Odd One Out -

Answer - Enmity


Q. Count each 7 which is ........not by 5 , immediately followed by 2 or 3

Answer - 2

Q. Wimbledon associated with -

Answer - Lawn Tennis

Q. How long does it take for the moon to revolve round the sun ?

Answer - 27 days, 7 hours, 43 minutes and 12 seconds

Q. Inderjeet Singh, a sportsperson associated with -

Answer - Shot Put

Q. Michael Phelps won 5 gold medals in the RIO 2016  belongs to -

Answer - USA

Q. Newly Elected President of Asian Development Bank ( ADB)

Answer - Takehiko Nakao

Some More Answers

Q. Present Lt Governor of Puducherry is -

Answer - Kiran Bedi

Q. Rio Olympic 2016 held between -

Answer - From Aug 5 to 21st August

Q. Name the country which won First Cricket World Cup ?

Answer - West Indies

Q. How many pairs of walking legs does a cockroach have ?

Answer - Three pairs

Q. In which year, Metric System of weights and measures became effective -

Ans - 1958

Q. Year when Nelson Mandela got life imprisonment ?

Answer - 1964

Q. In which year Napoleon became the Emperor of France ?

Answer - 14th May 1804

Q. What causes day and night ?

Ans - Earth's rotation

Q. Five persons A , B , C , D and E are sitting in a row you such that D is on the left of C and B is on the right of E ....

Answer - D

Q. A trader sold an article at a loss of 5% but when he increased the selling price by 65 he gained 3.33%on the cost price .....

Answer - 20

Q. My average expenses for 4 days is 6.00. I spent 7.70 on first day and 6.30 on second day ...

Ans - None

Q. A two digit number is such that the product of digits is 8.....

Answer - 24

Q. ....difference between number and its 3/5 is 50...

Answer - 125

Q. Fathometer - Ocean Depth

Q. Milk is churned , the cream is separated from it ....

Answer - Centrifugal Force

Q. Anesthetic - Chloroform

Q. Gland in human body called the master gland

Ans: Pituitary

Q. Meningitis is caused by

Ans: Meningococcus

Q. 42nd G-7 Summit - Japan

Q. Who is the writer of Sanskrit drama “Abhigyan Sankutlam"

Answer - Kalidasa

Q. Salt March, Dandi March Or Salt Satyagrah by MK Gandhi

Ans - 1930

Q. As per 2011 census the most populous state of India is

Ans: Utter Pradesh

Q. Indian armed forces are under the management of -

Answer - Ministry of Defence ( MoD)

Q. Arrangement - Population > Unemployment > Poverty > Disease > Death

Q. Alphabetical order -

Answer - Grease

Q. Farming -

Answer - Monsoons

Q. Wrong in the series -

Answer - 380 , 188 , 92 , 48 , 20 , 8 , 2

Q. Iron and wood when exposed to sunlight , the iron rod becomes hot quickly because...

Ans - Greater thermal Conductivity of Iron

Q. Permanent hardness of water

Ans - Calcium Sulfate

Q. Ever flowing river - Sahibi ( Not much sure)

Continuing ......

Our team is busy in preparing the answers. As soon as we get solution of the questions, we shall update our post with them. So keep coming for more updates. Thanks.

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  1. Their were 7 fundamental rights provided in original constituion, last one is right to propert which is no longer a fundamental right now

    • Martyrs are those who sacrifice their lives for the sake of their country. Mummies refer to the preserved dead bodies of human beings as fossils to all the creatures.

  2. पीत है अम्बर जिसका श्रीकृष्ण – कर्मधारय
    Its Answer Should be Bahubrihi Samas. Kindly correct


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