HSSC Clerk 20th Nov Morning Session Answer Key with Solution

Now we are preparing the Answer key of Clerk Exam by HSSC on 20/11/2016 in the Morning Session. Though we will do our best to make sure that there is no error in any of the answers, there may be some. Therefore we request you to correct us if we are wrong anywhere.

You can send your right version to us via comment box below. So get ready to tally your answers with ones we are providing here.

Again we inform you that expected cut off for HSSC Clerk exam shall be possible after the last exam in Dec. Still we urge you to give your expected scores that may help us in forming Expected Cut off. Thanks

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Haryana Clerk Answer key for 20th Nov Morning Session -

Note - Questions are not in order. For all the sets, questions are same except the Sr no.

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Q. 1. Ancient city of Haryana known as Sarpadaman ( सर्पदमन ) ?

Answer -Safidon

Q. 2. Liberty shoes in Haryana manufactured -

Answer - Karnal

Q. 3. Haryana city known as city of weavers ( जुलाहों का शहर )

Ans - Panipat

Q. 4. Nos of Members nominated in Rajya Sabha from Haryana ?

Ans - 05

Q. 5. चव्यन ऋषि की स्मृति में किस पहाड़ी पर मेला लगता है ?

Ans - Dhosi Hills

Q. 6. Name the king of Ballabhgarh martyred in independence war of 1857 ?

Answer - Nahar Singh

Q. 7. Which minister of Haryana launched Pashudhan Bima Yojana recently ?

Ans - OP Dhankar

HSSC Clerk 20th Nov Answer key 2016

Q. 8. Managing Director of HSIIDC - Sudhir Rajpal

Q. 9. Ministry of Women and Child Development, Information, Public Relations and Cultural Affairs in Haryana -

Ans- Kavita Jain

Q. 10. हरियाणा में राजा जनमेजय का सम्बन्ध किस शहर से - सफीदों

Q. 11. How many administrative divisions are there in Haryana ?

Ans - For Divisions

Q. 12. First State Poet of Haryana ?

Ans - Udaybhan Hans

Q. 13. Maritime India Summit from 14 to 16th of April 2016

Ans - Mumbai

Q. 14. Madhubani Painting is famous in the state -

Answer - Bihar

Q. 15. Aruna Asif Ali was a major woman organizer of ......

Answer - Quit India Movement

Q. 16. If a Panchayat is dissolved, elections take place within - 6 Months

Q. 17. 28, 25, 5, 21, 18, 5, 14, 11, 5

Q. 18. KMP stands for - Kundli Manesar Palwal

Q. 19. Sakshi Malik winner Bronze in Rio Olympic Born on - Sept 3, 1992

Q. 20. Who guided Chandragupta Maurya to become the ruler of Magadh ?

Ans - Kautilya

Q. 21. Greek ambassador Megasthenes wrote a book  -

Ans - Indica

Q. 22. Which river originates in the Mansarovar region ?

Ans - The Brahmaputra

Q. 23. Singhbhum and Hazaribagh of Bihar famous for the minerals -Copper

Q. 24 First Indian State formed on the linguistic basis -

Ans - Andhra Pradesh

Q. 25. Gandhi was assassinated on ?

Ans- Jan 30, 1948

Q. 26. United Nations Formed -

Ans - 24th Oct 1945

Q. 27. French Revolution Took place on

Ans - 1789

Q. 28. What do we call the imaginary lines parallel  to the equator ?

Ans - Latitudes

Q. 29. Kangaroo is the national emblem of which country ?

Ans - Australia

Q. 30. India became the member of UN in ?

Ans - 1945

Q. 31. Who founded the Red Cross ?

Ans - Henry Dunant

Q. 32. Which organ does a fish use for respiration ?

Ans - Gills

Q. 33. Lenses used for shortsightedness

Ans - Concave

Q. 34. Boundary of Haryana District that does not touch any state ?

Ans - Rohtak

Q. 35. Iron man of Haryana ?

Ans - Bansi Lal

Q. 36. Which district is formed of late ?

Ans - Palwal

Q. 37. Birla Temple of Kurukshetra located -

Ans - Brahma Sarovar

Q. 38. Which of the following is not the division of Haryana ?

Ans - Karnal

Q. 39. Who considered Guru Jambheshwar as the incarnation of Lord Vishnu ?

Ans - Bishnois

Q. 40 Ans - CMM, EOO, GQQ, ISS, KUU

Q. 41. Which word does not belong -

Answer - Dirt

Q. 42. Sponge is porous , Rubber is ..

Ans - Elastic

Clerk English Portion

Q. 43. Correctly spelt word -

Ans - Centenarian

Q. 44. Fill the correct prepositions - Suddenly she turned away --from-----the window and stood ---before-----the glass.

Q. 45. It is first time the painting has been displayed to the public.

Ans - Exhibited

Q. 46. A conceited person is seldom liked

Ans - Humble

Q. 47. A place where neither grass nor trees grow -

Ans - Barren

HSSC Hindi Portion

Q. 48. जिसे पराजित न किया जा सके - अपराजेय

Q. 49. ग्रहों के नाम किस लिंग में होते हैं - पुलिंग

Q. 50. आभूषण का प्रयायवाची नहीं है - हार

Q. 51 जन्मसिद्ध अधिकार - स्वन्त्रता

Q. 52. पीताम्बर शब्द में समास -  बहुब्रीहि

Q. 53. सच्च्तरित्रता में उपसर्ग - सत्

Q. 54. जो थोड़ा जनता हो हो वह - अल्पज्ञ

Q. 55. चारु चंद्र ...... अनुप्रास, उपमा

Q. 56. कनक - कमल

Q. 57. शरच्चन्द्र का संधि विछेद शरत् + चन्द्र

Q. 58. Alfred Nobel is associated with the invention of - Dynamite

Q. 59. Plants and Trees give out the gas during Photosynthesis -

Answer - Oxygen

Q. 60. Food is digested in the -

Answer - Small Intestine

Q. 61 Minimum age required for a person to become the Prime Minister of India ?

Ans - 25 years

Q. 62. During whose rule was the rupee coin first minted in India ?

Answer - Sher Shah Suri

Q. 63. Indian State which has given the most Nobel Prize Winners

Answer - West Bengal

Q. 64. Madhya Pradesh High Court located -

Ans - Jabalpur

Q. 65. First Indian to win Oscar Award -

Answer - Bhanu Athaiya

Q. 66. First Indian Managing Director of the World Bank -

Answer - Gautam Kaji

Q. 67. First General Election of India

Ans - 1951-52

Q. 68. Correct alternative - Poodle : Dog :: Moose : Deer

Q. 69. Odd man out -

Answer - Vikramaditya

Q. 70.

Answer - L25O

Q. 71 First Indian to score century in Test Cricket ?

Ans - Lala Amarnath

Q. 72. Who started the ancient Olympic Games -

Answer - The Greeks

Q. 73. Baku is the capital of -

Ans - Azerbaijan

Q. 74. Kargil Diwas - 26th July

Q. 70 Saal Azadi Yaad Karo Kurbani composed by - Dr Ghazal Sriniwas

Q. 71. Pema Khandu sworn in as the Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh on -

Ans - 17th July 2016

To be continued .........

We are engaged in preparing more answers. We shall return with more solution within 1 hour. Keep in touch with us. Thanks.

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