HSSC Clerk 20th Nov Evening Session Answer key with Solution

In this post we are publishing the Answer key of Evening Session ( 20/11/2016) of Clerk Exam by HSSC. A large no of candidates took this exam for more than 6,000 posts of Clerks. It was the 3rd exam after 13th Nov Morning/ Evening and 20th Nov Morning Session.

The written Tests contain more than 70% General Knowledge that includes Haryana GK/ Country GK/Science GK and remaining English/ Reasoning/ Maths/ Hindi.

Disclaimer- We have done our best for preparing the Answer key. Still there may be some errors. You can also share the right version with us. Our effort is only to help the examinees who keep searching with the genuine Solution after the exam.

HSSC 20th Nov Evening session Clerk Answer key –

Q. Which Muslim leader invaded India 17 times between 1000 AD and 1026 AD ?

Answer – Mahmud of Ghazni

Q. Name the battlefield where the armies of Muhammad Ghori and Prithviraj Chauhan met ?

Answer – Battle of Tarain

Q. How far into the sea do the territorial water of India extend ?

Answer – 12 nautical miles

Q. Indian state that is the leading producer of coconut ?

Answer – Karnataka

Q. Common High Court

Answer – Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh

Q. Which Indian state has a separate constitution ?

Answer – Jammu and Kashmir

HSSC Clerk 20th November Evening Exam Complete Solution Key

Q. The banks were nationalized first in the year –

Answer – 1969

Q. First work Swami Dayanand did when he reached Rewari of Haryana ?

Answer – He opened Gaushala ( Cattle Farm)

Q. Akashwani Rohtak started on

Ans – 8th of May 1976

Q. Which district of Haryana is irrigated by Jui Canal ?

Answer – Bhiwani

Q. Renuka, Kishau, Lakhwar Vyasi dams constructed on

Ans – Yamuna

Q. Meham Fort located in –

Answer – Rohtak

Q. First Novel in Haryanavi was –

Ans – Jhadufiri

Clerk 2016 Answer key

Q. Agroha pilgrimage –

Ans – Maharaja Aggarsen

Q. Anil Vij belongs to

Answer – Ambala

Q. In which district of Haryana is the tomb of Chalis Hafiz is located ?

Answer – Hisar

Q. Which canal of Haryana is carved from the place Tajewala ?

Ans – Western Yamuna Canal

Q. Haryana Vikas Party – Bansi Lal

Q. The famous lake of Karnal –

Answer – Karna

Q. Most abundant element in the earth’s atmosphere ?

Ans – Nitrogen

Q. The 2016 International Minjar Fair started in the state –

Answer – Himachal Pradesh

Q. Winner of 2016 Formula One German Grand Prix ?

Ans – Lewis Hamilton

Q. Who recently sworn in as the CM of Gujarat ?

Ans – CM Vijay Rupani /Deputy CM – Nitin Patel

Q. Youngest CM of State of India – Pema Khandu ( Arunachal Pradesh)

Q. Theme of 31st Edition of Summer Olympic Games ?

Answer – World Peace and Environment

Q. Largest Mammal – Whale ( Blue Whale)

Q. Mirage is an example of – Refraction and total internal reflection of light

Q. Lens is made up of – Flint Glass

Q. Communication through optical fibre works on the principle of –

Answer – Total internal reflection

Q. During galvanization, iron is coated with a thin layer of

Ans – Zinc

Q. Union Women and Child Development Minister ?

Ans – Maneka Gandhi

Q. Who wrote Kamayani ?

Answer – Jai Shakar Prasad

Q. Members of Rajya Sabha elected by ?

Ans – Legislative Assembly of States and UTs by means of Single Transferable Vote through Proportional representation.

English Answer key –

Q. Correctly spelt word – coalition

Q. A very agile person observed his reflection —in—-a glass and obtained a fairly accurate conception —-of—his appearance.

Q. One must not eat anything with grubby hands.

Ans – Dirty

Q. The players were in a jubilant mood after the Cup Victory ?

Answer – Despondent

Q. One word for A place where money is coined –

Answer – Mint

Q. Organization monitors the  working of stock exchanges in India

Answer – SEBI ( Security and Exchange Board of India)

Q. Shimla Agreement signed by India and Pakistan ?

Answer – 1972

Q. In addition to lion, which other animals figure on our National emblem ?

Answer – Bull & Horse

Q. Name the highest Himalayan peak in the Indian territory ?

Answer – Kanchanjanga

Q. India’s first news agency PTI registered….

Ans – 1947

Q. Who was the authority to present the first general budget before parliament in Independent India ?

Ans – R.K. Shanmukham Shetty

Q. National Security Advisor of India – Ajit Doval

Q. Name the country launched the first man-made space satellites in 1957.

Answer – Russia

Q. Name the lines which join places of equal temperature ….

Answer – Isotherms

Q. First woman to climb Mount Everest in 1975 – Junko Tabei

Q. How much time do sun rays take to reach the Earth’s surface ?

Answer – App. 8 minutes

Q. No of Permanent members  in the UN security council – Five

Q. UN agency which has its headquarters in Paris is UNESCO ( United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizations )

Q. The range in hertz of normal human hearing is – 20 to 20000 htz

Q. Name the person who invented logarithm Tables ?

Answer – John Napier

Q. Bull-fighting the as national game – Spain

Q. Term associated with hockey – Dribble

Hindi Answer key

Q. ‘अभिमान’ का विपरीत अथवा विलोम शब्द –

Ans – निरभिमान

Q.  गंगा नहाना मुहावरे का अर्थ –

Ans- कठिन कार्य का पूरा होना

Q. पक्षी का पर्यायवाची –

Ans – द्विज

Q. परुष शब्द का क्या अर्थ –

Ans – कठोर

Q- इनमें गुणवाचक विशेषण नहीं है –

Ans- बीस

Q- ‘उपर्युक्त’ का सही संधि-विग्रह –

Ans- उपरि+उक्त

Q- ‘अनासक्ति’ में कौन सा उपसर्ग प्रयोग किया गया है ?

Ans – अन

Q –जो किये गये उपकार को नहीं मानता

Ans-  कृत्घन

Q- किस  पंक्ति / पंक्तियों में अनुप्रास अलंकार नहीं है ?

Ans – 2 व 3

Q- ‘जंगम’ शब्द का विलोम रूप –

Ans – स्थावर

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