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Jammu ,Kashmir, Ladakh are northern parts of India. It is situated in the lap of gigantic Himalayas. The state is geographically divided in two parts – Jammu and Kashmir. J & K shares its boundaries with Himachal Pradesh and Punjab. In winter Jammu becomes the capital of the state whereas in summer, Srinagar plays the same role. J & K GK and Current Affairs

For the students of various State Level Recruitment Exams and Competitive Exams, it is essential to know about Jammu and Kashmir. Here the team of Examweb is making sincere effort of preparing the General Knowledge and Current Affairs Questions. So read the Questions below and check your confidence level.

 Note 2019 – The centre govt has made a big change with the political structure of J and K by scrapping Article 370. We shall update this article very soon with that change.

J & K General Knowledge and Current Affairs Questions –

Q. 1. When was Jammu and Kashmir included in India ?

Ans – 26th of Oct 1947.

Q. 2. Capital of the state –

Ans – From Oct to March ( Jammu ) and from March to October ( Srinagar )

Q. 3. Which is the largest city of J and K ?

Ans – Srinagar.

Q. 4. Who is the Lieutenant Governor of J and K ?

Answer – Mr. Manoj Sinha. Previously it was Mr. GC Murmu

Q. 5. Who is the Chief Minister ?

Ans – There is no CM this time. Now there is the Governor’s rule at present. Before that Mehbooba Mufti ( after the death of her father PDP Chief Mufti Mohammad Sayeed ) was the CM.

Q. 6.Who is the LG of Ladakh ?

Answer – Mr. R.K. Mathur

Q. Chief Justice of J and K ?

Answer – Justice Badar Durrez Ahmed, One of the Senior Most Judges from Delhi High Court.

Q. 8. Nature of Legislature –

Ans –  Bicameral

Q. 9. Total Legislative Assembly Seats –

Ans – 87 + 36 ( Kashmir + Jammu )

Q. 10. Lok Sabha Members –

Ans – 06

Q. 11. How many members does J and K send to Rajya Sabha ?

Ans – 04

Learn Jammu Kashmir Ladakh General Knowledge and Current Affairs Questions

Q. 12. What is the total area of the state ?

Ans – 222,236 sq km.

Q. 13. Area-wise Rank of the state in the country ?

Ans – 5th

Q. 14. Population of the state as per 2011 census ?

Ans- 12,548,926

Q. 15. In Population, the state’s rank ?

Ans – 19th

Q. 16. What is the literacy rate of the state ?

Ans – 66.7% with 21st rank.

Q. 17. What is the official language ?

Ans – Urdu

Q. 18. Who was the last ruler of the state ?

Ans Maharaja Hari Singh.

Q. 19. Who is the first woman Chief Minister of J & K ?

Ans – Mehbooba Mufti, 13th Chief Minister of the state.

Q. 20. Who is her predecessor ?

Ans – Her father Late Mr Mufti Muhammad Sayeed

Q. 21.Who was the first CM of J and K ?

Ans – Mehr Chand Mahajan

Q. 22. Who was the first Governor of the State ?

Ans – Karan Singh from 30th March 1965 to 15th May 1967

Q. 23. When did PDP come in to existence ?

Ans – In 1999

Q.24. Total Districts in the state –

Ans – 22

Q. 25. Who has been appointed as Kasmir Interlocutor ?

Answer – Former IB Chief Dineshwar Sharma

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  1. Mehar chand mahajan was not the first CM..He was the PM of the state Lagislative… Correct is Ghulam Mohammad Sadiq

  2. First cm of jk was gulam Mohammad sadiq

  3. Q. 24 total districts in the state is 20

  4. For Q.No7: Correct answer is Hon’ble Justice Ms.Gita Mittal. Appointed as Chief Justice of High Court of Jammu & Kashmir vide Notification No. K.13021/1/2018-US.II dated 3rd August,2018 and took oath of office on 11th August,2018.


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