UPTET Sample Paper/ Mock Test/ Practice Set with Answers

UPTET takes place every year for the teaching aspirants at lower Primary Level and Upper Primary Level. Lacs of candidates become the participants in such exams. This year Uttar Pradesh Teachers’ Eligibility Test ( UPTET) shall occur in December.

We are preparing a Sample Paper for the examinees. All the questions are as per the UPTET prescribed syllabus and pattern. We hope that this Sample Paper/ Practice Set shall you in your preparation/ your goal.

UPTET Sample Paper

Child Development and Pedagogy –

Q. 1. What is the period of infancy ?

Q. 2. What is the movement of development ?

a. simple to easy b. general to specific c. specific to general d. complex to hard

Q. 3. What is it that is related with creativity ?

a. Egoistic Thinking b. Emotional Thinking c. Convergent Thinking d. Divergent Thinking

Q. 4. When a child shows difficulty in reading and comprehending language, it means he is showing the symptoms of –

Q. 5. What is the primary agent of socialization ?

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UPTET Hindi ( हिंदी ) Practice Set

Q. 6. भूखा प्यासा में कौन सा समास है ?

Q. 7. उद्योग में कौन सी संधि है ?

Q. 8. हिंदी भाषा में अयोगवाह वर्णों की संख्या है –

Q. 9. नीरज  किस की रचना है ?

Q. 10. वाक्य को शुद्ध करो – मैनें मेरा कार्य कर लिया है

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UPTET English Portion –

Q. 11. Correct the following sentence – The baby has hurt it.

Q. 12. Fill in the blank with the appropriate preposition – Within a moment, she burst ———tears.

Q. 13. What is the meaning of the following idiom – A wet blanket

Q. 14. One word substitution of the following words – Murder of brother

Q. 15. Change the narration of the following sentence – She said to me, ” Why are you so upset ? ”

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Maths for Uttar Pradesh TET

Q. 16 Under root of 3125/243

Q. 17. log 81 ÷ log 27

Q. 18 What shall be the volume of a cylinder with radius ‘r’ and height ‘h’ ?

Q. 19. If diameter of a circle is 14 cm then area of circle is ………….sq cm.

Q. 20. Complete the following series – 286, 142, ?, 34, 16, 7

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Answers – 1. From birth to 2 years 2. b 3. d 4. dyslexia 5. Family 6. द्वन्द 7. व्यंजन संधि  8. 3 9. महादेवी वर्मा 10. मैनें अपना कार्य कर लिया है 11. The baby has hurt itself 12. into 13. any person that dampens enthusiasm ) 14. Fratricide 15. She asked me why I was so upset. 16. 25 √15 / 27

The answers of the rest of the questions shall be provided later.

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