HSSC Clerk Answer key 2016 – Check Expected Cut Off

The Clerk Exam for 20th Nov 2016 ( Morning / Evening Session )by Haryana Staff Selection Commission is over. Now we have started the process of publishing the Answer key with complete solution. Here we thank Diksha one of the examiners for sending us the Complete Question paper. So check your answers from the Complete Answer key ( SET Wise – A/B/C/D)  below.

HSSC Clerk Answer Key 2016Clerk Exam Analysis

The timing of the exam was 10:30 to 12:00. The candidates had to reach the examination centre by 9:30 a.m. Like other exams by HSSC, there was tight checking. A no of examinees were absent. There was no negative marking. Total Questions were 100.

Most of the questions ( around 40 Questions) were from General Knowledge and Current Affairs such as the Prime Minister of Nepal, against which country Virat Kohli made double century etc. There were around 10 questions from Hindi, 4 to 5 Questions from English and the rest from Reasoning and Maths.

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HSSC Clerk 20th Nov Morning Answer key

Evening Answer key for 20th Nov Exam

The medium of the exam was both Hindi and English. Although there were different sets, questions were same but Sr No.

1. Pataudi Town Player – Nawab Mansoor Ali ( Saif Ali’s Father)

2. Haryana Vikas Party Founder – Ch Bansi Lal

3. Fort in Gohana – Prithviraj Chauhan

4. Pt Jasraj born in – Hisar

5. Who wrote Ratnavali ? – Harsha

6. From where did Sir Chhotu Ram obtain his Law Education ?

Answer -Agra College

7. Sheikh Chilli’s Tomb – Thanesar

8. In which year did UNO come in to existence ?

Answer – 24th Oct 1945

HSSC Clerk Solution Key is available now

9. Who is not a judge of the International Court of Justice ?

Answer – K.N. Wanchoo

10. Scientist who first declared that the earth revolves round the sun – Copernicus

11. Most Toxic Gas – Carbon Monoxide

12. Olympic Games 2016 – Rio de Janeiro

13. David Cup Association – Tennis

14. In which General Election was the ballot paper introduced in India ?

Answer – Doubtful

15. First Law Minister of Independent India ?

Ans – Dr B.R Ambedkar

16. Atom Bomb Dropped on Hiroshima – Aug 6, 1945

17. When did Maharaja of Kashmir sign the Instrument of of Accession with the Govt of India ?

Ans – Oct 26, 1947

18. In Which year did Britain recognize the independence of America ?

Ans – 1783

19. Which imaginary line joins the areas having equal rainfall ?

Answer- Isohyet

20. What is the name of the ore from which aluminum  is extracted ?

Ans – Bauxite

21. Who holds the Ministry of Industries and Commerce, Environment and Industrial Training in Haryana ?

Ans – Vipul Goyal

22. On which Indian language Lord Macaulay show stringency first of all ?

Answer – Sanskrit

23. Which party received the highest seats in the Vidhan Sabha Election of 1937 ?

Answer – Indian National Congress ( Congress )

24. Where is Govt of Haryana going to develop new industrial township worth 5 billion dollars ?

Ans – Gurgaon ( Sohna, Manesar )

25. Which factory is set up in Bahauli, Panipat ?

Ans – Oil Refinery of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd

26. Against which country did Indian Test team captain Virat Kohli become the first Indian Captain to score Double century outside the country?

Answer – Antigua ( West Indies )

26. Newly Elected PM of Nepali ?

Ans – Pushpa Kamal Dahal

27. What per cent of inflation target does the govt have for the next five years?

Answer – 4%

28. The Indian Parliament passed GST Bill recently. This is ———–constitutional amendment bill.

Ans – 122nd

29. First Indian Woman Member of International Olympic Committee on 4th of August 2016 ?

Ans – Nita Ambani

30. When it is 3 pm at Greenwich, what will be the time at a place situated at 45 degree east longitude ?

Ans – Wait ….

English Language Answer key for Clerk Exam 2016

31. Correct spelling word – Normalcy

32. Appropriate preposition – He would fly —to—–the door with helping precipitation.

33. The honeymoon period of the govt is over. Here honeymoon period stands for –

Ans – Grace Period

34. His speeches were insipid. Opposite of insipid here.

Answer – Lively

35. One word substitution – A person who has unusual or remarkable abilities  – prodigy

Hindi Portion Answer key

36. चिकना घड़ा – बेशर्म

37. पृथ्वीराज रासो के लेखक – चंदबरदाई

38. जहाँ कोई दूसरा न हो – एकांत

39. नीलकंठ में समास – बहुब्रीहि

40.अंधकार का विलोम – प्रकाश

41. अनाथ का विलोम – सनाथ

42. शुद्ध शब्द  – गृहिणी

43. On which date Haryana Govt launched the Cattle Insurance Scheme ( Pashudhan Bima Yojana )

Answer – 29th July 2016

44. At which place the West Yamuna Canal is carved from river Yamuna ?

Ans – Tajewala ( Huthnikund Barrage)

45. Where did first ever Sainik School of Haryana come in to existence ?

Ans – Kunjpura

46. The largest holy lake of Haryana which is covered from all four sides with masonry work – Brahma Sarovar

47. Name the last king of Ballabhgarh, who showed bravery in independence war of 1857 – Nahar Singh

48. Largest Cattle Farm in Haryana – Hisar

49. Surajkund was constructed by Tomar King in Haryana .

50. हिंदी भाषा शब्द का मूल स्रोत – संस्कृत

51. पाक्षिक के लिए कौन सा वाक्यांश ठीक है –  पंद्रह दिन में एक बार होने वाला

52. हिंदी में प्रत्येक वर्ण के अंतिम वर्ण का उच्चारण स्थान क्या होता है – तालु

53. From which state did the PM launch Pradhan Mantri Ujjwal Yojana on May 1st, 2016 ?

Ans – Uttar Pradesh

54. Water as a resource – Cyclic resource

55. Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary – Assam

56. Recommendation of Hunter’s Commission – Gradual withdrawal of state support from higher education

57. Where did Parliamentary form of Govt first evolve ?

Answer – Britain

58. Largest living bird on the earth – ostrich

59. Name the part becomes modified as the tusk of elephant – Second Incisor

60. The phenomenon of light associated with the appearance of blue color of the sky is – Scattering

61. Name the element which is used for vulcanizing rubber – Sulphur

62. Second waves with frequency greater than 20000 Hz is – Ultrasonic

63. Land-locked state is Bihar.

64. Southern most latitude of mainland of India – 8 degree 4′ N Latitude

65. Golf Ground of  Aravalli – Faridabad

66. The most important structure found at Mohenjo-Daro – Great Bath

67. Name the language in which Vedas were composed – Sanskrit

68. Which word does not belong to others – Bud

69. Yard is to inch as quart is to – Ounce

70. QPO, NML, KJI, ——, EDC-

Answer – HGF

71. 9, 11, 33, 13, 15, 33, 17, 19, 33

72. Wright Brothers invented – Aeroplane

73. A body floats in water at 4 degree c, if temperature reaches 100 degree c, then the body –

Answer – Have no change in its position

75. Organ affected by Trachoma – Eyes

76 – Human Cells contain – 46 Chromosomes

77. Find the HCF of 2 square X 3 Sq X …..

Ans – 126

78. [ a/b] …….

Ans – x = 4.5

79. A dog takes 3 leaps ….

Ans – 9.5

80. Ration between width and length of our national flag – 2:3

81. Spokes in the chakra ( Wheel) of flag – 24

82. India became the member of IMF in – 1945

83. Which authority issues one rupee note and one-rupee coin ?

Ans – Govt of India

84. First Local Newspaper published in —–

Ans – Bengali

85. Oxygen : Burn :: Carbon dioxide : extinguish

86. Missing Term – MRW

87. Due to reduction of 25%…….

Answer – Rs 1

88. The average of 30 students ……

Ans – 40

89. IF ( a/b) x-1 ……

Ans – x = 2

90. Alfred purchases an old scooter ……

Ans – 5 5/11 %

To be continued ………

We shall return every 30 minutes with more Solution. Keep visiting us for Haryana Clerk Exam Answer key. If you find any answer doubtful or wrong you share that with us through the comment box below.

WE feel satisfied that most of the questions are from our topics such as Haryana GK / General Knowledge and Current affairs.

Official Answer key for Clerk Nov/ Dec Exams 2016

The official answer key for Clerk Screening Test Set wise both Morning / Evening Session shall be available at the official website of HSSC.

Here you will have to visit the Result link where you shall find the name of the post with Exam Description such as date/ advt no. Click here and download the pdf file. You can check your answers.

If you find any error in any of them, you can submit your responses at the given link by the stipulated period.

For official answer key information you click here.

WE shall be able to tell you the Expected Cut Off Marks later after all the exams. Till then keep sharing your marks with us for the purpose.

Attention – Some candidates want to know expected cut off category-wise. However it’s too early to say anything on it. Please wait till the last clerk exam takes place in Dec 2016.

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