Facts/ Questions related with Heart of Asia ( HOA) Istanbul Process

In this article, we are providing you the important questions/ facts related with Heart of Asia Istanbul Process. Its abbreviated form is HOA. Now the 6th Ministerial Conference of HOA is going on at Amritsar. So check details about it from ahead –

HOA Important Questions/ Facts –

Q. When did the HOA Sixth Ministerial take place ?

Answer – 4th of December 2016

Q. What was the main motive of establishing the Heart of Asia Istanbul Process ?

Ans – To provide the platform to discuss regional issues such as security, political and economic cooperation among Afghanistan and its neighbours.

Q. When and where did the organization come in to existence ?

Ans – 2nd of Nov 2011 in Istanbul Turkey

Q. What is the type of the Organization ?

Ans – Intergovernmental Organization ( IGO)

Q. Where is HOA Cooperation Directorate located ?

Ans – Kabul

Q. When did first HOA Conference take place ?

Ans – 2nd Nov 2011 at Istanbul

Heart of Asia Istanbul Process Imp Questions and Facts

Check the dates of other Conferences along with Places –

Date Venue
2nd on 14th June 2012 Kabul
3rd on 26th April 2013 Almaty Kazakhstan
4th on 31st Oct 2014 Beijing
5th on 9th of Dec 2015 Islamabad
6th on 4th of Dec 2016 Amritsar

Q. Which country has the permanent Chairmanship of Heart of Asia Istanbul Process ?

Ans – Afghanistan

Q. Where did 2017 Meet take place ?

Ans – Azerbaijan

Q. How many member countries does it have ?

Ans – Fourteen

Q. No of Supportive Countries to HOA ?

Ans – Seventeen

Q. Who co-chaired the HOA, Amritsar ?

Ans – Mr Arun Jaitley ( Finance Minister) and Mr Salahuddin Rabbani ( Minister of Foreign Affairs, Afghanistan)

Q. How much aid did Pakistan offer to Afghanistan ?

Ans – 500 Million Dollars

Q. Which terror organizations were declared as the threat to regional peace ?

Ans – Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) and Jaish-e-Mohammad ( JeM)

Q. With which phrase did the Amritsar Declaration begun ?

Ans – We, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and high-level representatives of the participating and supporting countries ……

Q. Who is the President of Afghanistan ?

Ans – Mr Ashraf Ghani

Q. Who inaugurated the Conference ?

Ans – Indian PM Narendra Modi and Afghan President

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