HSSC Clerk 11th Dec Evening Answer key with Complete Solution

Now get ready for the Answer key with Complete Solution of last Exam of HSSC Clerk. Sorry for the delay as we could not find the question paper soon. Here we thank Ajay ( M.Sc student from KUK) and his friend for sending us the question paper.

11th Dec Morning Session Answer key is here.

The exam has been quite successful on the evening of 11th December 2016. So check the answers from below. If you find any mistake, please inform us through the comment box below.

There is one thing in all the exams that questions were of the same nature, almost similar. If the candidates had observed the previously held papers, they would have received a lot of benefits in their particular exam.

Clerk Dec 11 Evening Session Solution –

Q. The Classical dance called Kuchipudi originated from the state …

Answer – Andhra Pradesh

Q. The Place where the Buddhist imparted Education in ancient India ….

Answer – Monasteries

Q. In which year the Dowry Prohibition Act came in to effect ?

Answer – July 1, 1961

Q. Nuclear Family means –

Answer – Husband,wife and their children

Q. What is upnayan ceremony ?

Answer – Sacred thread ceremony of the child

Q. Who propounded the theory of economic drain of India during British imperialism ?

Answer – Dada Bhai Nairoji

Q. Indian National Congress founded ….

Answer – Dec 28, 1885 in Mumbai ( Then Bombay) by A O Hume and others

Q. Which Acid is present in Cold Drinks ?

Answer – Carbonic Acid

English Language Answer key-

Q. Same meaning of Dilettante –

Answer – Amateur

Q. One word substitution for A song embodying religious and sacred emotions –

Answer – Hymn

Q. Preposition – We can not conceive —of—- a time when we were without TV.

Q. Meaning of Call a spade a spade – to be outspoken

Q. Correct spelling – Happenstance

General Knowledge –

Q. First regional bank came in to existence in ?

Answer – 2nd of Oct 1975 also known as Prathma Bank

Q. Who is the co-officio chairman of Rajya Sabha ?

Answer – Vice President

Q. No of High Courts in India ?

Answer – Twenty Four

Q. Of which Jurisdiction does Calcutta High Court have ?

Answer – West Bengal, UT of Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Q. Who is the Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed Forces ?

Answer – The President of India

Q. How many states of total 29 Indian states have Legislative Council ?

Answer – Seven

Q. Famous Virupaksha temple located at ..

Answer – Hampi ( Karnataka )

Q. In which year Paper currency first started in India ?

Ans. 1861

Q. How many districts of India are covered under MGNEREGA Scheme ?

Answer – Two Hundred Districts

Q.  The Chairman of the NITI Aayog?

Ans. Prime Minister of India

Hindi Language Solution –

Q. तत  + शिव का संधि रूप – तच्छिव 

Q. सम्राट का स्त्रीलिंग –

Answer – साम्राज्ञी

Q. Correct Spelling – कवयित्री 

Q. Correct Spelling – पूज्य 

Q. ऊँगली पर नचाना का अर्थ है –

Answer – वश में रखना

Q. बेचारी बहू को ही क्यों दोष देते हो …….

Ans – अपना पैसा खोता हो तो परखने वाले का क्या दोष 

Q. भारत यूरोपीय परिवार का हिस्सा नहीं है

Answer -Tamil

Q. भारत यूरोपीय परिवार का हिस्सा नहीं है …

Answer –  द

Q. विशेषण नहीं है ….

Answer – चिकनाई

Q. Equator passes through the country ..

Ans. Kenya

Q.Name the city of India known as HITEC City…

Ans. Hyderabad

Q. In which year was Gandhi ji arrested by British from Palwal District of Haryana?

Answer – April 1919

Q. In the 2nd Battle of Panipat, Akbar defeated ….

Answer – Hemu

Q. Haryana surrounds Delhi from all sides except …

Answer – East

Q. Which river is the natural barrier between UP and Haryana ?

Answer – Yamuna

Q. Gurudwara located in Kaithal ?

Answer – Neem Sahib

Q. Which poet of Haryana has written Satyagrahi Prahalad ?

Answer – Tulsi Dass Sharma

Q. Festival held in Jagadhari on Kartik Purnima ?

Answer – Kapal Mochan Mela

Q. Name the Governor of the Haryana State who gave his assent to Haryana Sikh Gurudwara Management –

Answer – Jagannath Pahadia

Q. What is the minimum age to be the Governor of Haryana?

Ans. 35 years.

Q. Where did Government of Haryana launch its first food bank ?

Answer – Gurgaon

Q. Which constituency does Haryana Government minister Nayab Singh belong to ?

Answer – Naraingarh

Q. Chief Minster Ratna award – Industrial Labour

Q. Hero Motorcycles manufactured in Haryana at ?

Answer – Dharuhera

Q. Name the present Chief Justice of Punjab and Haryana High Court –

Ans. S.J Vazifdar ( Since 26th July 2014)

Q. Who has compiled Coffee table book ” Jind- Flowing water, forgotten History” released by Haryana Government ?

Answer – IAS Couple Gauri Prashar Joshi and Ajit Balaji Joshi

Q. Indian Army carried surgical strike against ….?

Answer – Pakistan

Q. GST Stands – Goods and Services Tax

Q. In which district, Haryana Govt is planning to set up International Level Museum costing Rs 30 crore to display significant archeological findings ?

Answer – Panchkula

Q. Asia’s largest dairy plant is to be set-up at ….

Ans. Gandhi Nagar

Q. First Indian woman to win a silver medal in Paralympic Games –

Ans. Deepa Malik from Haryana

Q. World’s longest ruling king who died recently was from …..

Answer – Thailand

Q. Winner of Roger Cup 2016 in Toronto, Canada?

Ans. Novak Djokovic

Q. Receiver of Saraswati Samman for the year 2015 is ….

Answer – Padma Sachdev

Q. Which party does Donald Trump of U.S.A belong to ?

Answer – Republican

Q. Cyrus Mistry has connection with …

Answer – Tata Group

Q. National Award winning film which has been selected for the 40th Montreal World Film Festival is …

Answer – Sankhachil

Reasoning –

Q. Odd man out –

Answer – Scorpion

Q – Odd one out –

Answer – Transparent

Q. Odd Numeral Pair –

Answer – 11-115

To be continued ….

We are in the process of solving the rest of question paper. So we shall come soon. So be in touch with this page.

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