HSSC Clerk 11th Dec Morning Answer key 2016 with Solution

Today i.e on 11th of Dec 2016, there is the last leg of Clerk Recruitment Exam. Morning Session Exam is complete now and Evening Session is to take place. Now we are going to publish Answer key / Solution for this exam ( 10/2015) Cat No 01 Exam Date 11/12/2016.

Note – Like the previous exams, it also had bulk of GK. The other subjects are English/ Hindi/ Maths and Reasoning. Though we taken utmost care while giving the answers, some mistakes are inevitable. So don’t hesitate to inform of the errors via Comment Box below. We shall keep solving the questions and updating them regularly.

Haryana Clerk 11/12/2016 Test Complete Solution –

Q. Oldest High Court of India —

Ans – Calcutta High Court established on 1st July 1862

Q. Latest High Courts established in 2013 —-

Answer – Tripura, Manipur ( 25th March 2013) and Meghalaya ( 23rd March 2013)

Q. Under the jurisdiction of which HC, does Lakshadweep fall ?

Answer – Kerala High Court

Q. Who appoints Comptroller and Auditor General ( CAG) of India ?

Answer – President of India

Q. Buddhist Site Tabo Monastery located in the state ….

Answer – Tabo Village, Spiti Valley ( Himachal Pradesh)

HSSC Clerk Solution for 11th Dec Morning Paper

Q. Reason of the colour of Red Soil being red ?

Ans – Due to presence of Iron Oxide

Q. World’s largest reserves of Uranium ?

Ans – Australia ( 31.0% world share)

Q. Tehri Hydro-power Complex located on the river of ….

Answer – Bhagirathi River ( Uttarakhand )

Q. State with lowest Density of population as per 2001 census ?

Answer – Arunachal Pradesh ( 17)

Q. Name the crop in which Haryana is the chief producer ?

Ans – Wheat

Q. Sequence of the districts as per the size in Haryana …

Answer – Panchkula, Panipat, Kurukshetra, Sonepat

Q. Who fought Babar in the first battle of Panipat ?

Answer – Ibrahim Lodhi

Q. Whose under control was Haryana during the period 1756-57 ?

Q. कौन सा हरियाणा राज्य का  आभूषण गले में नहीं पहना जाता ?

Answer – फूल

Haryana GK Solution

Q. Having Common High Court –

Answer – Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh

Q. In which language, did Pt Neki Ram Sharma started his magazine Sandesh ?

Answer – Hindi

Q. What did Govt of Haryana abolish on wheat ?

Answer – VAT

Q. Where did CM Khattar lay foundation for Jay Jawan Aawas Yojana ( JJAY) on 3rd of June 2016 ?

Answer – Bahadurgarh

Q. Coldest month in Haryana ?

Answer – January

Q. Haryana Forest Development Corporation ( HFDC) established in …

Answer – Dec 1989

Q. Lat of Feroz Shah is located in the district of Haryana …

Answer – Fatehabad

Q. Haryana Govt Minister Karan Dev Kamboj’s constituency …

Answer – Indri

Q. First Advocate General of Haryana …

Answer – Babu Swaroop

Clerk General Knowledge Solution

Q. The field in which Jan Nayak Ch Devilal Award is given ?

Ans – For the Maximum Agriculture Production

Q. Where in Haryana, Honda Motorcycles manufactured at …

Answer – Manesar

Q. First woman in the Country to head Haryana’s Forest Dept appointed on 30th Oct 2015?

Answer – Amarinder Kaur

Q. Writer of Famous play Court Martial ?

Answer – Swadesh Deepak

Q. Which division of Haryana has the most no of districts ?

Answer – Both Gurgaon and Hisar Divisions have six districts each.

Q. Campaign to boycott in India is related with –

Answer – China

Q. Kabaddi World Cup 2016 winner ?

Answer – India after defeating Iran

Q. New RBI Governor ?

Answer – Urjit Patel

Q. Who contested against Hilary Clinton in US Presidential Election ?

Answer – Donald Trump

Q. Name the First Indian Captain to hit two double centuries in the history of Test Cricket ?

Answer – Virat Kohli

Q. Who won 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature ?

Answer – Bob Dylan

Q. Receiver of APJ Abdul Kalam Award for the year 2016 for meritorious services in the Higher Education Dept of Tamil Nadu ?

Answer – P. Shanmugam

Q. Name of the Video Chatting application introduced for Android and iOS users by Google ?

Answer – Duo

Q. Bill Approved by the Union Cabinet on August 24, 2016 to prohibit including Sale and purchase of Human Embryo and gametes ?

Answer – Surrogacy ( Regulation ) Bill, 2016

Clerk English Solution

Q. Same meaning as Condemn

Answer – Blame

Q. Opposite of Magnanimous –

Answer – Selfish

Q. One Word Substitution – That which can not be rectified or made good

Answer – Irreparable

Q. Preposition – His reply was tantamount to refusal .

Q. Correct Spelling – Fraudulent

Hindi Solution 2016

Q. वाक् + मय की संधि – वाड़्मय

Q. अव्ययीभाव समास – जीवन पर्यन्त – आजीवन

Q. अविकारी शब्द – धीरे से 

Q. Correct Spelling उज्जवल

Q. कलई खुलना – रहस्य प्रकट हो जाना 

Q. वाक्य की पूर्ति  – काठ की हांड़ी बार बार नहीं चढ़ती 

Q. किस भाषा की लिपि देवनागरी नहीं है –

Answer – तमिल 

Q. किस का स्थान मूर्धा नहीं है – थ

Q. कौन सा शब्द भाववाचक संज्ञा नहीं है –

Ans – बुद्धिमान

Q. Kuchipudi village from where Kuchipudi dance name was derived comes in the district of Andhra Pradesh …..

Ans – Krishna District

Q. Famous song – ” Saare Jahan se accha ” composed by ?

Answer – Mohammad Iqbal

Q. Place famous for the traditional art of embroidery Chikankari work ?

Answer – Lucknow

Q. Kalchakra Ceremony belongs to the following religion –

Answer – Buddhism

Q. Who published Poverty and Un-British Rule in India in 1901 ?

Answer – Dada Bhai Naoroji

Q. Whose son was Ajatashatru ?

Answer – Bimbisara

Q. In which district was PM Modi born ?

Answer – Mahesana District on 17th Sept 1950

Q. Ichthyology –

Answer – Fishes

Q. Odd one –

Answer – Rhetoric

Q. Odd One

Answer – Monsoon

Q. Odd Numeral Pair –

Answer – 16-176 ( in all the three cases 12 is left)

Q. Odd one –

Answer – OPQ

Q. Lizard called –

Answer – Flyer

Q. Relationship –

Ans – Husband

Q. The no of girls in a class is seven times the no of boys …

Answer – 30

Q. Acid found in Tomato ?

Answer – Citric Acid

To be continued …….

Our team is solving the question paper. So it may take some time. Have some patience and keep coming.

Clerk Result shall be available here.

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  1. The answer of odd numeral pair should be 12-144 as the square root of 12 is 144 and rest none of the square root is there.. so 12 is the odd one out of the rest

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  10. Nitay istriling -shrimati/ pewsle-324082/caaa(b)/nine man hotel – 29/
    248-16(c)/college boys girls- 520/p:q ratio – 7:8/ a & n work – 54 days/ car moves – 22(b)/ asending order – (b)/value of x – 47.95/the number of girls – 30/ rahul-speed of stream – 1km/g / electrochemical process on anode – oxidation/ acid in tomato- oxalic acid / disinfectant in swimming pool- chlorine / orgenelle in photosynthesis – chloroplast / largest artery – arota / dialysis process – haemolysis process / protein synthesis – ribosomes/ voltmeter is connected – parallel / image of plane mirror – equal to that of object/ star’s twinkle – refraction of light

  11. Pair correctly matched – Lord corniwallis and Lord Wellesley (d)

  12. In 1756 – 57 haryana under controlled — mughals

  13. 11 dec ka paper m gk india jayda aai h ye paper cencel hone chahiye y glat diya h

  14. Acid in tomato__ oxalic acid / state percentage population highest below poverty line in urban areas ___manipur according to Tendulkar submitted to planning commission 32.75%govt of india

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