HSSC Excise Taxation Inspector Answer key 2017 for Morning Session

Now another Exam – Excise & Taxation Inspector is held quite successfully by HSSC. Here we are publishing its Answer key with Complete Solution. This answer key belongs to Morning Session Exam. Evening Session Solution shall be available by tomorrow.

The Exam took place for 118 posts with around 1,50,000 takers on board as per other websites. The exam strictly followed the HSSC Syllabus and Pattern.

Excise / Taxation Inspector English Solution –

Same Meaning –

Q. Artifact

Answer – Man-made

Q. Vestige –

Answer – Evidence

Opposite Meaning ( Antonyms)

Q. Commend –

Answer – Dislike

Q. Serene –

Answer – Jovial

Passage – It will be a mistake ….Swami Vivekananda Ji

Q. The passage teaches us –

Answer – not to deviate from the path of truth

Q. Vivekananda got criticism from missionaries in America because …..

Answer – he opposed the tenets of Christianity

Q. Swami Vivekananda told the Americans that India ….

Answer – was self-sufficient in religion though poor.

Q. Vivekananda’s rapport with the Americans ……

Answer – caused a drop in Church’s collections

Q. Vivekananda didn’t defend himself because ……

Answer – he believed in the ultimate triumph of truth

Q. A no of advances in medicine would have been achieved ……

Q. The final electoral rolls have been intensively ………documentation.

Haryana GK Morning Shift – Taxation Inspector Key

Q. Senior most famous personalities of Haryana …

Answer – Rao Tula Ram

Q. The first assembly election in Haryana …

Answer – As per wikipedia, the first assembly election in Haryana took place in 1967.

Q. Least populated district of Haryana ….

Answer – Panchkula

Q. The Indian Institute of Wheat and Barley Research located in …

Answer – Karnal

Q. The National Milk Production Research Institute situated at …..

Answer – Karnal

Q. Famous lake in Karnal is ….

Answer – Karna Lake

Q. Hriday Haryana, situated in the Middle of Haryana State, is the city of ….

Answer – Jind

Q. The historical grand tomb of Haryana with relationship with Sheikh Chehli located at …

Answer – Kurukshetra

Q. Pandit Mangeram related with the following mode of cultural activity ?

Answer – Saang Tradition

Q. Banabhatta was the friend and state poet of …

Answer – King Harshavardhana

Q. Iron Piper manufacturing in Haryana …

Answer – Hisar

Q. The famous Yadavendra Garden located in …

Answer – Pinjore

Q. Hot water reservoir ..

Answer – Sohna

Q. Maharaja Agrasen …..

Answer – Agroha

Q. Haryana received the full state status on ….

Answer – 1st Nov., 1966

Q. Pt Jasraj is famous for ….

Answer – Classical Music

Q. What is the rank of Haryana in Fountain Irrigation ?

Answer – Not confirmed

Q. Members to Rajya Sabha from Haryana ….

Answer – Five

Q. During the reign of Harshavardhana which city of Haryana was prosperous ?

Answer – Thanesar

Haryana General Knowledge Portion

Q. Factory set up at Baholi of Panipat ?

Answer – Oil Purifier

Q. Without Metro Rail facility ?

Answer – Delhi – Jhajjhar

Q. KMP stands for ….

Answer – Kundli Manesar Palwal

Q. District irrigated by Jui canal ?

Answer – Bhiwani

Q. The golf course of Aravali …..

Answer – Faridabad

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Disclaimer – Though we did our best to give the right answers, there may be some errors. If you come across some, please hurry to tell us.

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