Haryana GK Questions from Previous HSSC Exams

Various exams are being held by the Haryana Staff Selection Commission these days. And in these exams, Haryana GK is one of the contents. There are around 15-16 Questions of Haryana GK in each  exam held by the commission. We have collected some of the questions from these exams. We hope that these questions of Haryana GK may help you in getting fairly better idea of the nature of questions in the upcoming exams.

HSSC Haryana GK Questions from the Previous Exams – ( PGT English ( Mewat, Non- Mewat, PGT Hindi )

Q.1 All of the following are rivers of the Haryana State except – Ghaggar, Dohan, Kotla and Indori

Q. 2. Prabhakar Vardhana was the first king of the Vardhana dynasty who established his capital at – Thanesar

Q. 3. The temple of Sheela Mata of Haryana has been designed in which architectural pattern ? – Rajasthani

Q. 4. According to the legend, the Pandavas built a temple in the honor of Jainti Devi at which place in the Haryana state ? – Jind

Q. 5. In which district of Haryana Atlas Cycle industries is situated ? – Sonepat

Q. 6. Which of the following dance is performed on the festival of Holi ?

Ans – Loor Dance

Q. 7. In Haryana ‘ Mhara Gaon – Jagmag Gaon ‘ scheme launched on – 1st July 2015

Q. 8. The first novel written in Haryanvi Language Jhadufiri was authored by – Rajaram Shastri

Q. 9. Who was the founder of Haryana Vikas Party ? – Ch Bansi Lal

Haryana GK Questions from Previous Papers

Q. 10. The Haryana state was established on the recommendation of – Sardar Hukam Singh

Q. 11. Firozeshah Tuglaq established a fort in 1354 – Hisar

Q. 12. Sur Sagar is written by – Surdas

Q. 13. Haryana Board of School Education established in Sept 1969 and shifted in 1981 to – Bhiwani

Q. 14. Sushma Swaraj was born at – Ambala Cantt

Q. 15. Who grabbed the first ever Olympic Medal for India ? – Vijender Singh

Q. 16. When was Ch Charan Singh University established ? – 1970

Q. 17. Who excavated the Harappan Civilization  site at Banawali from Fatehabad, Haryana ? – R.S Bist

Q. 18. Rigvedic name of the river of Chautang is – Drishdavti

Q. What is Dastak ?

Answer – Dastak is an awareness programme by Education Department of Haryana to create awareness among the people about the diseases caused by stagnant water.

We shall add some more questions from other papers. So keep visiting.

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