HSSC PGT Hindi Result 27 March 2016 – Cut Off Marks

PGT Hindi March Exam Result Below – HSSC Official Cut Off for all Categories

26th Jan 2017 Updates – Hindi Result has been out for Rest of Haryana. Check it as per your roll no from below –

The Written Exam for PGT Hindi took place in the morning session on 27th of March at Yamunanagar and Jagadhari. The exam was finished successfully. Now the Candidates are frustrated to find the Result of the same exam. Now the Commission has been uploading the HTET PGT Result. So you can expect the Result soon. But before that check the review of the Written Exam –

HSSC PGT Hindi Written exam Review –

The timing of the exam was for 75 minutes in which the candidates had to complete 80 Questions. The 80 Questions include Hindi Literature, Hindi Language ( Total 35 Questions), Haryana GK, Maths, Reasoning, English Language and General Knowledge with more questions on Science. The Literature Portion was a bit difficult. The General Science also seemed to be difficult.

As total Posts are Three Hundred and Sixty Seven, there is tough competition ahead. There were around more than 20,000 candidates including those who haven’t cleared the HTET to take this exam. But it is also imperative for all of them to clear it before the interview schedule otherwise they shall not be the part of the Selection Procedure beyond that.

Cut off/ Result for Haryana PGT Hindi Posts –

As we have told you there is the cut throat competition. Still you can expect a decent cut off. As we have talked to the examinees regarding the exam, the cut off for the General Candidates may be somewhere 60+. You are also free to give your expected cut off in the comment box below. Now the Result is expected very soon. One of the things that delayed the result was HTET. HTET Official Answer key is also available. You can check it from here. Now the PGT Hindi Result will come.

Click here for Result

Click here for PGT Hindi Result related news.

Important Note – If any of you have cleared HTET now, must update your status with the HSSC Office within the stipulated time.

Now time to Check Haryana PGT Hindi 23rd March 2016 Result / Answer Key below –

Dear candidates, the official answer key for PGT Hindi shall be available within 15 or 20 days at the official website of HSSC. As far  as PGT Hindi Solution at this page is concerned, check some of the Questions along with their Answers –

Click here for Official Answer key ( New)

PGT Hindi Exam Solution for 27/03/2016 – Set B / Check Result

13-A-अदभूत रस
16 B-अनुभव रहित
22-C-4th September 1887
23-D-Pt. nekiram sharma
33-c-northern zone
38-D-बाबू श्याम सुंदर दास
39-B-अरधमागधी अपभरंश
40-A-हमारी प्रसाद
42C-रामकुमार वर्मा
44-D-परमानंद दास
48-D-ईश्वर दास
49-C-प्रताप सिंह
50-A-भाषा -भूषण
52-D-दुर्लभ बंधु
53-D-रानी केतकी की कहानी
55-C-द्विवेदी युग
58-D-सुमित्रा नंदन पंत
60- C-बाल किरसन शर्मा
62-A-मनोरंजन एवं सुधार
63-D-त्याग पतर
64-C-चंद्र धर शर्मा  गुलेरी
65-B- आधार
67-C-8 YEARS
72-A-L D B C

Above answers are right. You are requested to match your answers with this answer key and share your score – Mr Bijender Bhalothia ( This Answer Key is published by him)

His Mob. No is- 9813468237 

His email – pramveergill02@gmail.com

Check HSSC PGT English Complete Solution from here.

We shall update the post with more Questions with their solution. We don’t claim that all the answers are correct though we have made all efforts to avoid any of the mistakes. So far HSSC Official Answer key wait for at least two weeks.

Official link for the PGT Hindi Result related information

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  1. Pgt hindi 63 general ka kya chance h

    1. Above 60, there may be a good chance.

  2. Mere 62 h kya chance h

  3. mara 46 question coorect ha obc ma kaya chance ha

  4. mera PGT HINDI ME 46 questions ka kya chance hai

    1. Not so great. But you haven't mentioned your category.

  5. my scor-65
    kya chance h gen cat. m

    1. Yes, you have.

  6. sc category 47 questions thik hai.
    sir is there any chance

  7. 47*2 =94 sc category

  8. what's app no Hindi pgt-09414205202

  9. mere 58 right h gen. category me kya chance h ji please reply me just.

  10. pgt hindi expected cut off i meet many candidates after i think

    gen. 57 to 67

    o.b.c.-51 to 62

    s.c.- 48 to 61

    mob. -09813468237

    1. Anil Kumar cat ebpgc 49 questions thick h please sambhavit list dalen 9467696080

  11. pgt hindi expected cut off i meet many candidates after i think

    gen.-57 to 67

    o.b.c.-52 to 62

    s.c.-48 to 61

    mob. 09813468237

  12. Pgt Hindi accpected cut off faithfully 300 candidates survey after

    gen.-57 female 54

    o.b.c.-52 female 50

    s.c.- 48 female 46

    this is question survey not convert in percentage.


  13. pgt hindi expected cut off

    sample questions right – 500 candidates

    gen. – 114 (71.25) female – 108 (67.5)

    o.b.c.- 104 (65) female – 100 (62.5)

    s.c.- 96 (60) female – 92 (57.5)

    these marks obtained candidates are safe for cut off pgt hindi .


  14. got English expected cut off list

    sample 400 candidates

    gen.- 58.75 female – 56.26

    o.b.c.- 55 female – 51.25

    s.c.-50 female – 47.5

    these Mark's in percentage


  15. pgt hindi expected marks and candidates survey

    topper 250 candidates

    question – marks – no. of candidate

    67*2 ;- 134 3
    66*2 – 132 5
    65*2 – 130 15
    64*2 – 128 17
    63*2 – 126 20
    62*2 – 124 22
    61*2 – 122 26
    60*2 – 120 30
    59*2 – 118 35
    58*2 – 116 37
    57*2 – 114 40

    it is very confident and faithfully topper candidates survey


  16. I received 700 calls pgt Hindi 60 more than candidate only 7 in 700 candidates.
    more details .

    mob.no.- 9813468237

  17. हिंदी पीजीटी में 62 प्रश्न सही हैं . क्वालीफाई हो सकता है या नहीं ?

    1. Yes, you can certainly qualify.

  18. mere 45 questions right h pgt hindi sc category .kya koi chance h plz tell me

  19. pgt Hindi wale apne -2 mob. no. dale.

  20. pgt hindi question no. -65-c-आधार

    विशाल गुप्ता जी माफी चाहूँगा प्र्शन 65 मे सचेतन कहानी की जगह आधार करने की कृपा करें

    note – सचेतन कहानी एक आदोलन है न कि पत्रिका । आधार एक पत्रिका है जिसका संपादन महिप सिंह करते हैं सचेतन कहानी आंदोलन का विशेष अक आधार पत्रिका मे ही सम्पादित हुआ है अतः आधार सही उत्तर है।


  21. हरियाणा सरकार के कैबिनेट मंत्रालय का फैसला अब हरियाणा कर्मचारी चयन आयोग द्वारा पदों की संख्या से तीन गुणा उम्मीदवार इंटरव्यू के लिए बुलाए जायेगे । अतः कट लिस्ट ओर नीचे आने की संभावना बन गईं है।

    pgt cut list में शामिल अनुभवी प्रमाण पतर वाले उम्मीदवार चयन में मार सकते है बाजी ।

    mob.no.- 9813468237 more details

  22. If you have pgt English Toppers' list like pgt hindi ? If yes plz upload it

  23. हरियाणा कर्मचारी चयन आयोग द्वारा ओफिसियल उत्तर कुजी डालने के बाद हिंदी उम्मीदवारों का जो रूझान मिल रहा है उस रूझान के अनुसार हिंदी उम्मीदवारों की जनरल कट लिस्ट संभावित साबित हो सकती है

    male – 54-55 (67.5-68.75)female – 53-54 (66.25-67.5)

    ओफिसियल उत्तर कुजी के अनुसार सभी उम्मीदवार अपने अंक दर्शाने की कृपा करें ताकि उच्च स्कोर वाले उम्मीदवारों और लोवर कट लिस्ट के उम्मीदवारों के अनुसार उच्च कट लिस्ट और लोवर कट लिस्ट का सही अंदाजा लगाया जा सके।

    mob no.- 9813468237

  24. sir pgt hindi m question 80 m c answer right h or question 22,23 32,33,34,35,36 maine confuestion hai plz reply


  26. Mere sathiyo answer key ke anusar mere 59 que. shi hain m general cat. se hu cut off me aane ki kitni smbhavna h krpya apne sujav de thanku.,,,
    mob no. 9467661264

  27. 61 questions are correct……. Is there any chances for interview in General category…???

  28. 62 प्रश्न सही हैं क्वालीफाई हो सकता या नहीं।शेयर योर एक्सपीरियंस

    1. पक्का

  29. पीजीटी हिंदी – उम्मीदवारों के रूझान के अनुसार कट लिस्ट की संभावित स्थिति इस प्रकार बन सकती हैं – जनरल पद 186 तीन गुना उम्मीदवार बुलाने पर – 186×3=558

    question – marks – no. of candidate

    69×2 138 5
    68×2 136 10
    67×2 134 10
    66×2 132 20
    65×2 130 25
    64×2 128 25
    63×2 126 30
    62×2 124 35
    61×2 122 40
    60×2 120 45
    59×2 118 60
    58×2 116 65
    57×2 114 70
    56×2 112 75
    55×2 110(68.75) 83

    नोट – यह आप लोगों के मुताबिक ही हिंदी जनरल कट लिस्ट की संभावित स्थिति होती सकती है।यह केवल आपके रूझान के अनुसार संभावित आइडिया है।


  30. 64/80
    what app no 9414205202

  31. May you please give such type of list of pgt English Bijender ji ?

  32. PGT हिंदी की संभावित cut off जिनके 56 प्रशन सही है तक जाने की संभावना है जनरल केटेगरी में| मेरा ये निष्कर्ष लगभग 1000 Candidates से संपर्क के बाद निकाला है पूरी संभावित लिस्ट इस प्रकार से है
    67 – 8
    66 – 11
    65 – 15
    64- 13
    63 – 18
    62 – 22
    61 – 31
    60 – 50
    59 – 70
    58 – 90
    57 – 110
    56 – 120

    नोट:- जिनके 55 प्रशन ठीक है उनकी भी संभावन हो सकती है
    आप सभी से अनुरोध है की आप भी अपने कितने ठीक प्रशन है share करे
    शुभकामनाओ सहित
    दिनेश कुमार

    1. Apke pas Hindi screening cat ebpgc k koi sambhavit list h kya

  33. apne- apne what's app no. dale….

    1. WhatsApp no. 9467975683

  34. sir, mera ctet,net,slet clear nahi h,kya pgt hindi ke selection ke liye ctet/net/slet compulsory h,aur agar h to form fill karte samay system sirf m.a.,b.ed.hi kyu mangta h,saath mein ctet/net/slet/htet compulsory kyu nahi mangta,reply soon

    1. It requires only HTET.

  35. whtatsapp no.

  36. [7/2, 8:49 PM] Dinesh Pahal: Abhi tak ke survey के अनुसार 1/7/2016 साये 8 बजे तक टोटल 401 कैंडिडेट्स ऎसे मिले है जो कट में आ सकते है
    [7/2, 8:50 PM] Dinesh Pahal: इसमें बदलाव की गुंजाइस हो सकती है
    [7/2, 8:51 PM] Dinesh Pahal: 5% error के साथ
    [7/2, 8:53 PM] Dinesh Pahal: ये सभी HTET पास है
    [7/2, 8:54 PM] Dinesh Pahal: 5% बदलाव हो सकता है HTET के रिजल्ट ले अनुसार
    [7/2, 8:56 PM] Dinesh Pahal: Interview के लिए 2 गुना बुलाये जायँगे तो लगभग 401 के आस पास ही बुलाये जायेगे
    [7/2, 8:57 PM] Dinesh Pahal: हा ये gen के लिये है
    [7/2, 8:58 PM] Dinesh Pahal: SC की सायद 52 तक जायेगी
    [7/2, 8:58 PM] Dinesh Pahal: Bc की gen के आस पास ही रहेगी
    [7/2, 8:59 PM] Dinesh Pahal: 114 के 84
    [7/2, 8:59 PM] Dinesh Pahal: 116 के 72
    [7/2, 8:59 PM] Dinesh Pahal: 118 के 64
    [7/2, 8:59 PM] Dinesh Pahal: 120 के 50
    [7/2, 9:00 PM] Dinesh Pahal: 122 के 32
    [7/2, 9:00 PM] Dinesh Pahal: 124 के 25
    [7/2, 9:00 PM] Dinesh Pahal: 126 के 20
    [7/2, 9:01 PM] Dinesh Pahal: 128 के 18
    [7/2, 9:01 PM] Dinesh Pahal: 130 के 16
    [7/2, 9:01 PM] Dinesh Pahal: 132 के 10
    [7/2, 9:02 PM] Dinesh Pahal: 134 के 8
    [7/2, 9:02 PM] Dinesh Pahal: 138 के 2

  37. Dinesh kumar 9812875030

  38. sir mere hindi me 102 no h or htet bhi clear ho gya h please tell me koi chance h kya m gen cat se hu

  39. mera whats no h 9416710325 please reply

  40. My score is 106 PGT HINDI . femail merit kya rah Sakti h general cat. Me kya chance h please reply

  41. Sir mare PGT Hindi ma 48*2 marks h selection ka chance from SC

  42. Sir, apke pass candidates ke rujhan anusar kitne candidates ke pas experience certificate bi h. pgt hindi me. Whatsapp no. 9812711414

  43. mere hindi pgt me 65 questions right hai general me kya rahega.

  44. jitender mann mobile number 9416333318

  45. total experience pgt in hindi 364

  46. Pgt hindi ke highest marks

  47. Jo candidate interview attend kar chuke hai ve btae ki interview me subject ke alawa kya puch rahe hain

  48. mere pgt hindi me 110 marks h gen cat se hu kya chance h g

  49. Kya koi bta sakta h le delhi guest teacher ka experiance count hoga ya nhi

  50. Jitender maan sir pgt hindi female cut off kya ho sakti h bta sakte ho

  51. sir have 108 marks in sc cat.pgt hindi what chance for me

  52. Mere omr m cuting h kya mera paper rd hoga plz tell m

    1. If you haven’t filled your OMR oval properly or neatly , I’m afraid to inform you that your paper shall not be marked or such questions shall not be counted. Still best of luck.

  53. pgt hindi-64*2
    mob. no-9772895197
    whats app-9414205202

  54. Sir i have score 122 in gen cat kya chance h.

  55. Mere se omr m cuting hogi kya mera paper rd hoga plz tell m mene one answer cut ker ke dusra kr diya

    1. Only the answers you have struck off shall stand cancelled.

  56. pgt Hindi-64
    what’s app-9414205202

  57. Hindi me koi above 70*2 bhi h kya

  58. Plzzz tell me my score 68*2

  59. panghal sir math me ab tak kya data h date 29;30;1 ka

  60. 58*2 category BC B
    Is there any chance for PGT Hindi

  61. agar koi hindi ka group h to plz add this no. mukesh beniwal-9467425222

  62. sir mere pgt hindi me 108 marks h .m ebpg cat. se hun koi chance h kya

  63. pgt hindi-65q gen

  64. mere 53 questions tik h
    but list me roll no nhi h
    give any solution

    1. It should have been there. Contact the concerned authority via email or in person. Check contacts at the official website.

  65. Respected sir SC cat female candidate PGT Hindi +HTET +tgt experience screening main 52 question right hai kya interview hoga Mukesh 9034778801

  66. Mukesh ji ,is your roll no. in result

  67. manju tell me that how m

  68. Mahesh sir aap ke kitne question thik h or kon se categary h pleas sir reply

  69. scrutiny k liye kitne no tk bulaye Pgt Hindi. me. km se km kitne no. h

    1. Almost the candidates have been called. There is no cut off so far.

  70. No sir only 3600 called for pgt hindi and total candidate 13000 the

  71. Sir mere pgt hindi me 61 questions right h. No experience
    Kya chance h?

    1. More than 60 questions. Brilliant chance.

  72. Sir I have scored120(60*2)what is chances of mines Hindi pgt

  73. Pgt hindi ma 53 question thi h sc

  74. Sir I score 88 marks without experience htet pass sc category female is there any chance for interview plz reply

  75. Sir mere 61 question thikk h or category bcb h….kya aap bta skte h ki koi chance h….or kya cut off aa chuki h……sir plzzzz tellll meeee

    1. Great chance for you.

  76. My score is 62 questions Pgt Hindi BC B category kya chance ha sir g

    1. Yeah, good chance.

  77. 3600 condidade are called for security of documents and 734 are called again for interview from 3600 .Any condidade can make contact at 9165611301

  78. Sir i have 120 marks in pgt hindi….cat bca…but no experience….

  79. विलोम शब्द मे और विलोम अर्थ मेअंतर जैसे ग्रहण का विलोम शब्द अर्पण और विलोम अर्थ प्रतिग्रहण

  80. visal gupta ji please espouse ka opposite word and opposite meaning btaye ji

    1. Both are similar. Its opposite meaning is reject or oppose a belief/a cause etc.

  81. sir ji english ke expert espouse ka opposite word …..oppose. and opposite meaning….accept bta rhe hai ji and hssc ne bhi …accept hi mana hai.

    1. Opposite meaning also must be reject or oppose. In my opinion accept is completely wrong.

  82. accept ka meaning प्रतिग्रहण भी होता है जी जो कि espouse means ग्रहण का विलोम अर्थ हुआ जी sorry अधिक जानकारी के लिए p.b. s advanced dictionsry me diya huwa bhi hai accept means प्रतिग्रहण

  83. बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद विशाल गुप्ता जी

  84. Sir,88 marks in hindi,sc category, Htet clear,is there any chance. Please tell me

  85. Hindi me merit kitne tk ja skti h plzzz tell me.

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