HSSC MPHW Staff Nurse Result 2017 – Jan Answer key, Cut Off

Haryana Staff Selection Commission (HSSC) Staff Nurse Result/Cut off ( ANM/GNM)  Answer Key of 15th Jan 2017 Exam of Cat. No. 1 of Advt. 01/2015 is available with complete solution of Paper Set A, B, C, D. The exam took place in two shifts.The centres of exams were Ambala, Yamuna Nagar, Kurukshetra.

Staff Nurse 8th May 2017 Result UpdateThe Result for the said posts is out. The candidates can check it in pdf file below. Scrutiny of the Documents of 2 Times Successful candidates shall occur from 20th May to 22nd May 2017. New *

Official Answer key for MPHW female and Staff Nurse is available now ( 12/04/2017) below.

MPHW Female Screening Test 22nd Jan 2017 Answer key / Result is available on this page now. Check it from below –

Download Admit Card for Rest of the Papers ( MPHW, Pharmacists )

Answer key Update29th Jan 2017 MPHW Male Answer key with Solution is available here.

There were Nine Hundred and Twelve Posts of Staff Nurse ( ANM/GNM). Fortunately the exam has been quite successfully as there is no news of exam leak or copying. Now the examinees seem eager to know their exam performance.

The official answer key by HSSC shall come later. Before that we are publishing Staff Nurse GNM Unofficial Solution Key. We are hopeful that the answers provided by us may give you fairly better idea of your exam performance.

We are publishing the answers of the questions we have obtained from one of the examinees. The rest of the answers shall come out when we get the complete Question Paper. The paper was of One Hundred and Sixty Marks. Total questions were Eighty. The topics were GK, Haryana GK, Reasoning, Maths, English, Hindi. Read about complete Staff Nurse Syllabus from here.

HSSC ANM 15th Jan 2017 Exam Answer key – MPHW Female/Male Result

Staff Nurse Result pdf file

Click here for MPHW Female ( ANM) Solution for 22/01/2017 Exam

Official Key PDF File for MPHW Female

PDF File Answer Key for Staff Nurse

The aspirants can enjoy their Staff Nurse result very soon on this page through the official website. If we believe some unofficial sources, it may come in March 2017.

Staff nurse Expected cut off – This cut off banks upon our observations of the comments in the comment box below.

  • Gen – 110- 116
  • O.B.C – 106- 110
  • SC – 98-102

Q. Indian player to win sliver medal in badminton in Rio Olympic 2016 ?

Answer – P.V. Sandhu

Q. Part of plant involved in Translocation ?

Answer – Phloem

Q. HDI stands for …..

Answer – Human Development Index

Q. Which gas gets liberated when acid reacts with metal ?

Answer – H2 ( Hydrogen Gas )

Q. Complete the series –

Answer – 6, 8, 12, 20, 36, 68

Q. What causes Diabetes insipidus ?

Answer – Decreased production, secretion of anti diuretic hormone ( ADH)

Q. Who had set the Feudal League in Haryana ?

Answer – Sir Chhoturam

Q. BILT Football stadium located at …

Answer – Yamuna Nagar

Q. Which Indian state got the Best Horticulture State Award ?

Answer – Haryana

Staff Nurse GNM English Language

Q. Choose the Antonym of Swell

Answer – Diminish

Q. Synonym of Shallow –

Answer – Superficial

Q. One word substitution of – A Professional Rider in horse races

Answer –  Jockey

Q. Best Alternative –

Answer – The old father suggested the moral of unity by asking each of his sons to break the bundle of sticks.

Q. Fill in the blank –

Answer – Let’s play —-no article—-volleyball.

Q. What is spontaneous abortion ?

Answer – Natural loss of Pregnancy before 20 weeks of gestation

Q. Which districts of Haryana are chief producers of Turmeric ?

Answer – Ambala and Yamuna Nagar

Q. Vande Matram Yojana associated with …

Answer – Women

Q. Chhilchhila Wildlife Sanctuary located in the district ..

Answer – Kurukshetra

Q. Sakshi Malik, bronze medal winner of Rio Olympic belongs to the village …

Answer – Mokhra


Q. Bhim Devi Temple Complex located at …

Answer – Pinjore

Q. Headquarters of Western Command of Indian Army is located at ….

Answer – Chandi Mandir

Q. Which Division of Haryana has the most districts ?

Answer – Gurgaon

Q. We define Oncotic Pressure as

Answer – Osmotic Pressure caused by plasma colloids in solution

Q. A sprain defined as ….

Answer – excessive stretching of a muscle, its fascial sheeth or a tendon.

Q. Popular Ragini singer of Haryana known as Surya Kavi ?

Answer – Pandit Lakhmi Chand

Q. Match the following –

Answer – Rakhigarhi – Largest Indus Valley Site

Kunaal -Regal Crown

Banawali – Ploughed Fields

Q. City of Haryana  renamed after Guru Dronacharya ?

Answer – Gurgaon ( Gurugram now)

Q. Home Minster of Haryana ?

Answer – M.L. Khattar

More Solution of Staff Nurse GNM 15th March Exam with Result

Q. On which date did Govt of India launch National Rural Health Mission ( NRHM) ?

Answer – 12th April 2005

Q. In which district of Haryana was famous singer Sonu Nigam born ?

Answer – Faridabad

Q. When a ray of light enters a transparent medium, what change does it undergo ?

Answer – Wavelength and Velocity

Q. Present Chief Justice of Punjab and Haryana High Court ?

Answer – Justice Shivax Jal Vazifdar

Q. Famous Humorous poet of Haryana ?

Answer – Mr Surender Sharma

Q. Man Booker Prize Winner of 2016 …

Answer – Paul Beatty

Q. The age of father 10 years ago ….

Answer – 7:3

Q. Kalpana Chawla born in …

Answer – Karnal

Q. India is situated north of the equator ….

Answer – 8 degree 4′ and 37 degree 6′

Q. Cube matching with others …

Answer – A

HSSC Staff Nurse 2017 Result with Cut off

Q. In a regular week, there are five working days ….

Answer – 175

Q. From where digestion of food starts in human ?

Answer – Mouth

Q. SIDE is equal to 26-16-11-12, then ROLE is equal to …

Answer – 25-22-19-12

Q. Find the missing term –

Answer – 1 1 2 5 29 866 ( Sq of 29 + sq of 5)

Q. The Indian Medical Council ( Amendment ) Bill 2016 concerned with ….

Answer – Uniform Entrance Examination for admission to all medical education institutes

स्टाफ नर्स हिंदी भाग के जवाब –

Q. अत्याचार में कौन सा उपसर्ग होता है –

Answer – अति

Q. ऊंट के मुंह में जीरा का अर्थ –

Answer – बहुत थोड़ा

Q. जो सब कुछ जानता है –

Answer – सर्वज्ञ

Q. सत्कार का विलोम….

Answer तिरस्कार

Q. रसोई घर का सामासिक विग्रह है ….

Answer – रसोई के लिए घर

We shall come to you with more Staff Nurse GNM/MPHW Female Exam Solution/ Result soon. By 9:00 pm today, you will get maximum answers here.

If you find any mistake in our answer, you can intimate us via comment box below.


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  1. Q. On which date did Govt of India launch National Rural Health Mission ( NRHM) ?Answer – 05th April 2005

  2. Paper is very hard and cut off is around 60 marks

  3. in english idiom answer is emphasized.

  4. I wants to know more answers

  5. it may be around 80

  6. Hindi answer अति । रसोई के लिए घर ।। अब चला जाए ।। सर्वज्ञ ।। बहुत थोड़ा ।। तिरस्कार ।।

  7. nursing portion was tough. bt others were easy.

  8. 7 April 2015 ni aaega

  9. cutt off kitni jayegi plz tell me. sir/mam

  10. Kitne kitne marks bn re hai sbke?

  11. General ke cutt off kitni ja skti h?

  12. You means 30 questions

  13. Wow thanks …nursing portuon is simple but …haritana gk is out of control becuase of we are belong outsite the state

  14. Cut off may be two times 38to42question bi

  15. Paper was over all hard

  16. Sir OTA ka test keb h please sir key send kerna

  17. Cut off more then 40

  18. paper was tough…
    even nursing portion was vry difficult..
    cut of arround 40 – 45 questn right…. selectn sure

  19. Cute off may be 32-34 marks general
    28-32 bc
    22-25 sc

  20. Answer of remaining question please update

  21. sprains are an excessive stretching of a ligament
    and strains are an excessive stretching of a muscle or tenden

  22. Gen ki cut off kitne pe jayegi. Please update remaining answer key.

  23. Cut off staffnurse

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  26. 114 general k kya chances hai selection k? Reply krna plz

  27. Aap k kitne marks bn re hai?@vikas

  28. 100% slection h@ manju apka mere 100 bn rhe h ……

  29. Staff nurse cut off –
    Gen – 120
    OBC – 110
    SC – 100


  31. Sir
    Staff nurse ka result kb aayega pleeé

  32. Vedpal Mere 37 ans tic

  33. gen 90-100
    othrs -70-80

  34. 70 gen cut off sur h

  35. I have score 100 around marks bca

  36. in pgi rohtak there was a cut off 57%.paper was very difficult of hssc as compared to pgi,rohtak.so i think cut off maximum 70 marks.

  37. Sabhi bolte hai exam acha hua hai.but result hi galat aata hai. I sway m haryana ka cm hota to har ghar k ek member ko gov job definitely deta.

  38. Kuch staff ko 10,15 year job ka experience holder aaj ki date m exam detay hai kya vo exam clear kar pata hai. Impossible. Agar MBBS KO BE Y PAPER DIYA JAYE VO BE EASY CLEER NAHI KAR PAYEGA.

  39. When will declareHssc staff nurse result ??

  40. BH SBI k kitne number aye btana jra esse cutoff pta chl jayegi maximum..

  41. Hi friends i m prepared many exam for hssc and clear also and also see nursing written exam also paper is so difficult mainly nursing portion according to staff nurse. there is 912 vacancy in staff nurse and if we analysis hssc other department result the staff nurse cut off should be very low bcz in haryana very few candidate prepared hard acc to this level so written exam cut off should be as follow
    General Category-76-86
    Sc-60 -70

  42. all result would be declared before 15 April Bcz i visit in hssc office for document verification on 24 march according to hssc staff n chairman so wait till 15 april

  43. Gen 70 cut off

  44. gnm staff nurse ki answer key hssc ne dal di kya

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  52. Cut off staff nurse 42×2=88

    1. Ye kon sa math hain



    1. cut off will around 50-60 marks.paper was ver hard.

  55. Yess, because paper was very tough and cut off would be around 60 to 70 of general

    1. Apke kitne bn rhe h anchal ji

  56. Bhi ane wala h rijult staff nurse ka …..nd mphw ki mrit list bhut km gyi h …to jyada Ni jayegi mrit list staff nurse ki

  57. How could i got to know my marks in hssc staff nurse officialy highest marks in hssc staff nurse my rank

    1. How much u got unofficialy

    2. U should check answer key given by hssc…..

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    Highest marks kuch pta LG skta h?

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    1. Vikash ji out of state Bahar kaise hoge please explain kro

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  64. Do you have any experience Manisha 102?

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    Pls reply

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  68. 60 pta Chle hai

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  70. 100 tk hogi final list ….

    1. Final list MATLAB after interview?

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    To kitne marks chaiye bhai Bina approach k selection k?
    Can anybody tell me

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    Bhot Darr LG Ra h result se

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