FIFA World Cup 2018 – Full Information, 2022 Venue

Read this article for 2018 FIFA Information, 2022 World Cup Venue ( Qatar ). The Football world cup 2018 ( FIFA  2018 ) has given the clear-cut result – France defeated Croatia 4-2. The biggest fair of football-playing countries is over with ending a lot of speculations. There were a number of ups and downs for the players as well as the players. This article contains almost complete information regarding FIFA 2018 Russia Tournament in Q/ A form. This is for the benefit of the knowledge-seekers and for those who will take competitive exams.

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Questions/ Answers for Banking/ SSC/ UPSC and other exams –

Q. What is the score card of the final FIFA 2018 ?

Answer -France 4 – Croatia 2

Q. How many nations had played the Finals of the Tournament ?

Answer – 32

Q. What was the schedule of matches for FIFA 2018 ?

Answer – From 14th June to 15th July 2018

Q. Which teams had appeared for the first time in this tournament ?

Answer – Iceland and Panama

Q. How many venues were decided to play matches ?

Answer -12 Venues for 64 matches

Q. Which team had won the world cup title in 2014 ?

Answer – Germany

Q. In which stadium the Opening Ceremony for FIFA 2018 took place ?

Answer – Luzhniki Stadium

Q. How many total goals were hit in all the 64 matches ?

Answer – 169 goals with 2.64 average.

Q. What is the mascot of FIFA 2018 ?

Answer – Wolf

Q. Which teams played the first match of the tournament ?

Answer – Russia and Saudi Arabia. In this match, Russia defeated Saudi Arabia with scores 5-0.

Russia 2018 FIFA Information

Q. What was the official song for 2018 Football tournament ?

Answer – Live it Up

Q. What is the full form of FIFA ?

Answer – Federation Internationale de Football Association

Q.  Where will the 22nd Edition take place ?

Answer – Qatar

Most important thing is that FIFA 2018 was the first world cup to use Video Assistant Referee ( VAR ).

This world cup was the first one to be held in Eastern Europe.

Q. How much money was spent to organize this world cup ?

Answer – More than 14.2 Dollars

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