HSSC MPHW ( Male, Female ) Solution 2017 – Jan Exam Answer key

On this page, we shall give you the solution of MPHW ( Female ) Screening Test held on 22/01/2017. Though we have tried our best to produce error-free solution key. there may be some errors. For perfect Answer key, you must wait for official release, though that too contains many errors. If you find any of our answers incorrect, you can give your correct version via comment box below-

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MPHW Male 29th Jan Exam Solution

The test contained Specific Questions from the related Educational degree or diploma. Besides there were questions from GK/Haryana GK/English/ Hindi/Maths / Reasoning.

Haryana MPHW ( Female) 22nd Jan 2017 Solution –

Q. What is the antonym of  Decadent ( Falling morality)  –

Answer – Prosperous ( moral)

Q. Backstairs influence means –

Answer – Unfair influence

Q. Gandhi ji was a humble man known for his kindness.

Q. One word for – school or college from where a person has received education …

Answer – Alma Mater

Q. Chairman of Haryana Saraswati Heritage Development Board ?

Answer – M.L. Khattar

Q. Who is the present Governor of Haryana ?

Answer – Kaptan Singh Solanki

Q. Name the Forest Minister of Haryana ?

Answer – Narbir Singh

Q. When did Prithviraj Chauhan reconstructed Asigarh fort of Hansi ?

Answer – In 12th Century

HSSC MPHW ANM Female 2017 Solution

Q. Example of non-infectious disease ..

Answer – Cancer

Q. Of which deficiency does Kwashiorkor occur in children ?

Answer – Protein

Q. According to historian, which of the following poets belong to Haryana ?

Answer – Surdas

Q. Which substance is used in Thermometer ?

Answer – Mercury

Q. Which are the units of measurement of Temperature ?

Answer – Celsius and Fahrenheit

Q. Which range of hills surround Budkhal lake ?

Answer – Aravali Hills

Q. What is the symptom of Dementia ?

Answer – Impairment of Memory

Q. Important Substance that forms hemoglobin in red cells ?

Answer – Iron

Q. Where is the International Crafts Mela of Surajkund organized ?

Answer – Faridabad

Q. Which country won Jr Hockey World Cup 2016 ?

Answer – India

Q. Whose autobiography is Mein Kampf ?

Answer – Adolf Hitler

Q. With which is 73rd Constitutional Amendment linked ?

Answer – Panchayati Raj

Q. Last word in the dictionary from the following …

Answer – Particular

Q. When do we observe World Consumer Right Day ?

Answer – 15th of March every year.

Q. What does deficiency of Vitamin A cause ?

Answer – Night Blindness

Q. How many days is the life span of Red Blood Cells ?

Answer – 120 Days

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