West Bengal History related GK Questions for Competitive Exams

West Bengal has a very deep and splendid history. It is very important for the students of the state to have good knowledge of its history. It carries variety which creates interest among the readers. We are trying to bring out some important questions related with WB History.

May be the readers of this page shall find them in their respective exams. We have also provided answers of these questions immediately after them.

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WB History related Important Questions –

Q. According to Indian Epic Mahabharata, of which kingdom was this region part ?

Answer – Vanga Kingdom

Q. Which regions did Suvernabhumi consist of ?

Answer – Four regions – Burma, Lower Thailand, Lower Malay Peninsula, and the Sumatra

Q. Who had given the name Sinhala Kingdom to Sri Lanka ( then Lanka )

Answer – Prince Vijaya

Q. When did kingdom of Magadha come into existence ?

Answer – 7th Century BCE

Q. Who was Rajyavardhana ?

Answer – The Buddhist King of Thanesar

Q. Who had killed Rajyavardhana ?

Answer – Shashanka

West Bengal History GK

Q. Who had destroyed the Bodhi Tree at Bodhgaya ?

Answer – Shashanka

Q. What did he substitute Bodhi Tree with ?

Answer – Shiva lingams

Q. When did Islam make its first appearance in West Bengal ?

Answer – During the 12th century with Sufi Missionaries

Q. Who is regarded as the father of Renaissance ?

Answer – Ram Mohan Roy

Q. When did Bengal Presidency come into being ?

Answer – In 1765

Q. When did East India Company abolish Nizamat ( Local Rules ) ?

Answer – In 1793

Q. When did Great Bengal Femine take place ?

Answer – In 1943

Q. When was East Bengal named as East Pakistan ?

Answer – In 1956

Q. When did Bangladesh Liberation War happen ?

Answer – In 1971

Q. Which party had won the 1977 General Election by defeating Indian National Congress ?

Answer – Left Front

Q. When was Darjeeling Himalayan Railway designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site ?

Answer – In 1999

Q. Who was the last Independent Nawab defeated by the English ?

Answer – Mir Qasim

Q. When did Battle of Buxar take place ?

Answer – 1764

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