Commonwealth 2018 Performance of India and Haryana Specially

Read in Detail India’s and Haryana’s Performance in CWG

Common-wealth games have been ended recently. The participant countries gave their best and the people of these countries are curiously engaged in counting the medal tally of their own countries – some joyfully and others sadly. The first five countries which have come out are – Australia, England, India, Canada, New Zealand.

Indians must be feeling proud that their  country have got the esteemed position in the games and have managed to ensure all in all 66 medals. Even in India, Haryana has shown amazing performance. The details of the medal tally we have provided below.

List of the first five top countries with their medal tally –

Name of the countries with serial No. Total Medals they won
1. Australia 198 ( 80 Gold )
2. England 136 ( 45)
3. India 66 ( 26)
4. Canada 82 ( 15)
5. New Zealand 46 ( 15)

Something about Commonwealth Games – Commonwealth games are played in every four years. It means the next one will be played in 2022 in Burmingham. The first such types of games took place in 1930. But there were twice occasions when then these games faced hurdles. The years were – 1942 and 1946 obviously due to second world war.

There are 53 Commonwealth countries. However, it is interesting to know that around 71 countries participated in this recent concluded competition. The rest of the countries were the depending neighbors.

Role of Haryana in 2018 Commonwealth Games –

Thia small state has become the sports hub of the country. The performance is getting better tournament by tournament. The more surprising thing is that almost all the sportsmen belong to poor and rural background.

Haryana has secured 22 Medals in this 21st Edition of Commonwealth Games held in Australia. 38 players from the state had participated in the competition. The state won total 22 gold medals here. And the highest went to the wrestlers. Haryana also gave the youngest gold medalist to the country – Anish Bhanwala from Karnal in just 15 years of age. For this achievement credit goes to the athletes and the state policies. Besides this, the state made many records for the country. For some of them, you can visit our specific article – Haryana GK.

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