GK & Current Affairs Practice Set 4 for HSSC, HPSC Exams

This is the constant process for HSSC & HPSC for holding Recruitment Related Exams. Millions of candidates from Haryana take Selection Tests for various posts every year. And these tests contain uniform syllabus for Preliminary Exams.

The Contents of the exams are – General Knowledge, Reasoning, Maths, Haryana GK, Hindi and English. General Knowledge area is very wide. It contains questions from History, Civics, Geography, General Science etc.

In our endeavor to give you more and more practice sets for exams, we are preparing one more Practice Set here. So get ready for one more.

Practice Sets for HSSC and HPSC Exam Preparations –

Q. 1 Which country was popularly known as the Industry of the World during Industrial Revolution ?

Ans – England

Q. 2. Of which color shirt did Fascist wear ?

Ans – Black

Q. 3. In which country did Fascism get its existence ?

Ans – Italy

Q. 4. In which year was there revolution in China ?

Ans – In 1911

Q. 5 The 19th SAARC summit destined to take place in Nov 2016 in …

Ans – Islamabad ( Pakistan)

HSSC/ HPSC Current Affairs and GK Practice Set 4

Q. 6. What is the full form f SAARC ?

Ans – South Asian Association of Regional Co-operation

Q. 7. Name three countries excluding India to pull out from 19th Islamabad SAARC Summit ?

Ans – Bangladesh, Bhutan and Afghanistan

Q. 8. Deepa Malik who has won Silver Medal in Rio Paralympics belongs to the game –

Ans – Shot Put

Q. 9. Which city of Haryana dos she belong to ?

Ans – Sonepat

Q. 10. Which country do we know as the Sick man of Europe ?

Ans – Turkey

Q. 11 In which year did SAARC come into existence ?

Ans – On 8th of December 1985 in Dhaka

Q. 12. What does the term MFN stand for ?

Ans – Most Favorite Nation

Q. 13. Who had used the word Pakistan for the first time ?

Ans – Ch Rahmat Ali

Q. 14. The Word AIDS stand for ?

Ans – Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

Q. 15. What is Salt Peter ?

Ans – Potassium Nitrate

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