Important Schemes and their launching dates in Haryana

Since the Khattar- led BJP Govt has come to power, it has launched a no of social welfare schemes for the people of Haryana. There is the need for the aspirants of Haryana Govt Jobs. In the exams held by HSSC, a no of questions on Schemes and their dates surface in the papers. So read about some of such schemes and their dates of announcements.

Read about Schemes and their dates in details –

Q. When did Sansad Gram Yojana Scheme come in to existence ?

Ans – In October, 2014

Q. स्वच्छ हरियाणा – स्वच्छ भारत अभियान

Ans – 11th of Nov 2014

Q. e-pension scheme found its existence –

Ans – 8th of Jan 2016

Q. What is the date of launch of New Mining Policy ?

Ans – Dec. 2014

Q. Date of launch of Haryana CM Window

Ans – 25th Dec 2014 ( Good Governance Day in Haryana )

Various Important Schemes/ Dates in Haryana –

Harsamay Police Web – Jan 1st 2015

गर्वित ग्रामीण विकास तरुण योजना- Jan 12, 2015

Haryana Physical Activities and Sports Policy 2015 – Jan 12, 2015

Beti Bachao – Beti Padhao – 22nd Jan 2015

Sukanya Samridhi Khata Yojana – Jan 22nd 2015

Aapki Beti – Hamari Beti – 22nd Jan 2015

गऊ संरक्षण व  गौ संवर्धन बिल- March 16, 2015

सूचना प्रोद्योगिकी सक्षम ग्राम सचिवालय – April 12, 2015

Kundli- Manesar- Palwal ( KMP) Expressway – 24th of April 2015

e-Panchayat Samvad Sewa – April 26th, 2015

The schemes like e-Stamp, State Resident Database, e-Disha Sevices, Online Birth Registration System and Bio-metric Attendance started on – 2nd of May 2015

म्हारा गांव जगमग गांव- July 1st 2015

Operation Muskaan – July 1st 2015

Monthly Test Scheme for School and हर घर हरियाली योजना – July 2015

Vidhayak Adarsh Gram Yojana and स्वप्रेरित आदर्श ग्राम योजना- July 6, 2015

Avanti Shikayat Nivaran Forum  – July 7, 2015

Haryana Kaushal Vikas Mission – 14th of July 2015

Rashtriya Gokul Mission – 16th of July 2015

Enterprise Promotion Policy 2015 – Aug 15, 2015

थारी पेंशन थारे पास- Aug 4, 2015

When were women Police Stations established ?

Ans – 29th August 2015

e-PDS and e-Office Schemes – Oct 9, 2015

Saraswati Vikas Board came in to being on 5th of Sept 2015

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