An Essay / Article on Problem of Adulteration with Solutions

Adulteration is one the biggest and most dangerous problems Indians are facing. Whatever you are eating or using is undoubtedly adulterated. Children’s staple food, milk is full of water and other intoxicants. If you love fruit, they also contain harmful chemicals.

If unfortunately you fall ill and take medicines, they may also be not pure. Air is impure and even the thoughts of the people are adulterated. So this problem has become the part and parcel of our modern life. It has affected our health a lot.

Adulteration leads to the origin of diseases viz cancer, ulcer, asthma, paralysis etc. Now we must know who are responsible for this illegal and inhuman activity.

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There are anti-social people who wish to make easy money. They are emotionless people who mix low quality, cheap, non-edible substances with food and make it adulterated. We call such substances Adulterants. These adulterants are like slow poison which take our life slowly but surely. Check the adulterants which these unscrupulous people use to garner more and more profits.

  • Coriander (Dhania)  Powder with cow-dung or horse dung
  • Milk with water and chemical mixture of urea or washing powder
  • Rice with stones
  • Cooking oil with inferior quality of oils
  • Red chili with brick powder etc.

These elements sooner or later are going to affect the consumers. The common gastric problems, less appetite are the gift of these adulterated products.

As a result, people are dying in the country. Some of these adulterated products like medicines, liquor kill them instantly whereas others give them the slow and painful death.

Problem of Adulteration – Reasons and Solutions – An Essay/ Article

No doubt, this is the duty of the govt to eradicate this problem. There are many govt agencies which keep inspecting the quality of various food products. One agency is Bureau of Indian Standards. If the agency finds the products having standard quality, it issues the certificate.

The other certificates which are also reliable are FPO ( Food Products Order) mark, the Indian Standard Institution ( ISI) Mark and the Agricultural Marketing ( AGMARK).

In addition, the govt has set up food testing laboratories in big cities. In order to keep a check, the officials of the health dept keep collecting samples of food products from different shops. Sometimes it is a routine practice or most of the times, raids are conducted on the complaints of the people.

Then these officials send this collected sample of food to the laboratories. If the food is found to be adulterated, the concerned firm is prosecuted and punished accordingly.

But the irony is that most of these officials have their connivance with these people. For a bit of bribe, they let them go and allow them to play with the health of the people. They don’t know it may be their own family members who can become their prey in future.

So, instead of having so many laws against adulteration, the latter is still flourishing. Even the govt seems to be insensitive to this problem. It wakes up only when adulteration results in fatal tragedy. Besides, the common people will have to be aware regarding this problem.

There should be ads/messages on TV and in newspapers that discourage the people involved in this malpractice. If we wish to make our society healthy, we must do everything to stop this malpractice called adulteration.

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