One Word Substitutions Part III – Learn them

Dear viewers, learn these one word substitutions for future exams – These are very imp. – Useful links on this page –

One word Substitution

One how can use both hands with ease – Ambidexterous

A man who has changed his belief – Apostate

One who is filled with much zeal in religious issues – Fanatic

A person who is bad in word spellings – Cacographist

A person who is not conventional ( traditional ) in style of living – Bohemian

A man who considers the complete world as his/ her country – Cosmopolitan

A person who makes fun of the faiths of other people – Cynic

A man who often talks of his/ her goals – Egotist

A person who thinks himself/ herself to be superior in culture and wisdom – Snob

A man/ woman who thinks much/ over anxious his/ her health – Hypochondriac

A person who breaks the images and cultures of others – Iconoclast

Important One word Substitution –

A man who comes to other country from his/ her own country – Immigrant

A man who comes to his/ her country from other country – Emigrant

A person who takes journey from one place to another place – Nomadic/ Itinerant

A man who lives an immortal life – Lecher

A man who loves mankind – Philanthropist

A person who loves knowledge – philomath

A man/ woman having the same name as other has – Namesake

A person who has no experience in anything – Tyro

A person who helps the needy – Samaritan

A boastful person – Swashbuckler

A person who gives brilliant performance on stage ( Music ) – Virtuoso

A man who is much fond of his wife – Uxorious

A person who drinks occasionally – Sot

Animals which live in a flock – Sociable

Fit to eat – Edible

A cure for all ills – Panacea

An imaginary name used by a writer – Pseudonym

A picture that shows the way of  planets – Zodiac

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