One Word Substitution Part 4 – Prepare them

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One Word Substitution –

Dress with medals etc. at official programmes – Raiment

People keep a thing in memory of an event – Momento

A home for squirrel – Drey

A home for monks – Monastery

One Word Substitution – Places.

A home for a dog – Kennel

A heaven with complete happiness – Elysium

Room for sleep in a public institution – Dormitory

A home for wild animals – Den

A house of shelter for a Pig – Sty

Learn one word substitution from here also.

People wash utensils etc. – Scullery

An almirah where we keep clothes – Wardrobe

A home for bees – Hive

A person who takes care of a museum etc. – Curator

A man who prepares a dictionary – Laxicographer

A person who gives a radio show – Radio Jockey

A place there is no government – Anarchy

A person who makes statue from a stone – Sculptor

People who write beautiful writing – Calligraphists

A person who teaches others the art of dancing – Choreographer

A man who is a driver – Chauffeur

A man who visits the space – Astronaut

A person who does the business of flowers – Florist

A person who can make maps – Cartographer

Money which is obtained by a wife after a divorce – Alimony

A woman who has crossed the age of marriage – Spinster

A tradition when a man or a woman can have two wives over husbands – Bigamy

A person who does not like marriages – Misogamist

A system of medical test of a dead body – Autopsy

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