HP TET Question Paper with Answer Key & Syllabus

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Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education ( HPBOSE) holds Teachers’ Eligibility Test every year. 2 to 3 lakhs candidates apply this test. It is based on the pattern and syllabus prescribed by CBSE CTET.The exam takes place for JBT and TGT ( Arts/ NM/ Medical Streams). The paper has 150 Multiple Choice Questions ( MCQs) with the following common contents –

Child Development and Pedagogy

  • Language 1
  • Language 2
  • Environmental Studies
  • Social Science

These three subjects form 90 questions. Besides them, there are questions from the specific subjects. Such subjects carry 60 questions.

For this year too, the process of registration is going on. The Registration Process shall end on 28th of August 2017. The whole schedule is out. HP TET shall begin from 3rd of Sept 2017 and end on 17/09/2017.

So when the exam dates are out, candidates must focus their concentration on the exam. We are preparing the HP TET General Paper for all candidates. This paper will include Child Development and Pedagogy and English Language. In our next paper, we shall cover other topics too.

HP TET Question Paper with Answer Key

English Section

Q. What is the past participle of Ride ?

Answer – Ridden

Q. Choose the Adverb from the following –

a. walk b. badly c. good d. fast

Answer – d

Q. Rudra isn’t thinking ……….

a. clear b. unclear c. clearly d. unclearly

Answer – clearly

Q. Choose the correct sentence –

a. Of milk take this glass

b. Take glass of this milk

c. Take this glass of milk

d. Take this milk of glass

Answer – c

Q. Identify the type of verb in the given sentence –

Kinjal slept.

a. transitive verb b. intransitive verb c. regular verb d. irregular verb

Answer – b

Questions on Child Development / Pedagogy

Q. प्रतिभाशाली होने का संकेत निम्न में से नहीं हैं ?

a.  विचारों में सृजनात्मकता b. दूसरों के साथ लड़ना c. अभिव्यक्ति में अनूठापन d. कोतूहल

Answer – b

Q. Blackboard पर लिखते समय सबसे महत्वपूर्ण क्या है ?

a. अच्छी लिखावट b. लेखन में स्पष्टता c. बड़े अक्षर में लिखना d. छोटे अक्षर में लिखना

Answer – a

Q. प्रतिभावान छात्र की बुद्धि लब्धि होती है ?

Answer – Above 140

Q. What is the stage of infancy ?

Answer – Up to 5 or 6 years

Q. Who is the writer of the book ” Theories of Learning ” ?

Answer – Hilgard

Q. बुद्धि के मात्रा सिद्धांत का प्रतिपादन किया ?

Answer – Thorndike

We hope this Question Paper about HP TET Child Development and Pedagogy and English will help you a lot. Later we shall also provide your Himachal TET Answer key here on this page.

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