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Road accidents have become the order of the day for the people in India. Every time we hear one or the other such incident. Newspapers are filled with the reports related with road accidents. Recently Ministry of Road, Transport and Highways has prepared a report in which it has said that around 400 people die in road mishaps every day. And out of them around 50% are youth.

According to this report, around four lac and eighty thousand accidents had taken place in 2016. Out of them, 1.5 lakh unfortunate people had lost their precious lives. As many as approximately 4.9 lakh people received injuries. Most of these people were two-wheeler riders. The report further says that 17 people died in 55 road accidents per hour last year.

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So this is a shocking revelation by the concerned ministry. A person comes out of his house for various works and later his family members receive information of his tragic death in some road accident. Mothers lose their sons, wives, their husbands and children become orphans when both their parents get killed without no fault of theirs.

Even the survivors have no better future. They remain dependent through out their lives.

What are reasons behind Road Accidents ?

The solution of this problem lies in the reasons that cause such a big no. of road accidents. There are myriad reasons behind them. Some of key factors are –

  • Careless driving
  • Broken roads
  • Technical defects in vehicles
  • No separate paths for cyclists and pedestrians
  • Drunken driving
  • Overtaking while using mobiles
  • Not wearing helmets while driving
  • Jumping of red lights and so on.

So it is very clear that all the reasons are man-made. There is no role of divine powers as we always curse them for these accidents. As we have already said that solution lies in the fore-said reasons.

Solutions for reducing the No. of Accidents to the minimal stage-

It is the duty of the govt to ensure safety to its citizens when they are on the road. It must be ensured that roads are good with a no. of traffic police personnel keeping a watch. Strict laws must be there for those who violate rules of the road. People should also co-operate in this move. They must know that life is the most precious gift by God. There is nothing more important than life.

So, a person must make sure that he reaches home safely as somebody is waiting for him. In a way, his life doesn’t belong to him only, it belongs to everybody in his family. So no hurry on the road, no fun there.

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