How to make sentences with W-H Family Words like Who, What

Check Interrogative sentences using W-H Family –

What is W-H family ?

W-H family consists words starting from W and H. For example – What, where, why, who, whom, whose, when etc.

W-H related sentences are very important in writing and speaking. They require a lot of practice.

Rule of using W-H family in interrogative Sentences –

It’s very simple to use W-H Family in Interrogative sentences. They are simply added before the simple Interrogative sentences. See the examples –

Is he weeping ? – क्या वह रो रहा है ? – Simple Interrogative Sentence

Why is he weeping ? – वह क्यों रो रहा है ? – W-H Interrogative

Where is he weeping ? – वह कहाँ  रो रहा है ? – W-H Interrogative

In a sentence starting with Who we don’t use Subject and in a sentences of What, we don’t use

For Examples –

Is he reading a book ?

Who is reading a book ? ( The subject He is omitted )

What is he reading ? ( The Object A book is omitted)

Sentences with W-H Family – Practice set

1. She is laughing. ( Simple Sentence)

Is he laughing? ( Simple Interrogative)

Why is he laughing ? ( W-H Family)

Who is laughing ? – Answer – He

What is he doing ? – Answer – Laughing

2. They are playing hockey. ( Simple Sentence)

Are they playing hockey ? ( Simple Interrogative)

Where are they playing ? ( W-H Family)

What are they playing ? ( Hockey)

Who are playing ? ( They)

3. The teacher is teaching English .( Simple Sentence)

Is the teacher teaching English ? ( Simple Int)

Why is the teacher teaching English ? ( ( W-H Family)

Who is teaching English ? ( The teacher)

What is the teacher teaching ? ( English)

4. She will watch a movie in the evening. ( Simple Sentence)

Will she watch a movie in the evening ? ( Simple Interrogative)

When will she watch a movie ? ( W-H Family)

What will she do in the evening? ( Watch a movie)

Who will watch a  movie in the evening? ( She)

I hope this exercise shall help you a bit in learning how to make sentences using W-H Family.

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