JSSC Panchayat Secretary LDC General Studies GK Question Paper with Answers

With the Jharkhand Panchayat / LDC Online Applying Process has ended, the candidates are now waiting for exam dates. The exam schedule may be out for these posts ( advt No. 01/2017) July/ August 2017. However, we strongly advise the candidates to undergo the preparations of these exams. On the request of the examinees, we are going to prepare a Question Paper for General Studies and General Knowledge (GS / GK).

But before that have a glimpse of the Syllabus/ Exam Pattern of these exams.

Jharkhand PS / LDC Exam Syllabus / Pattern –

For the Panchayat Secretary Exam, there shall be the two phases. Preliminary and Mains. The first exam shall contain the following subjects –

General Studies/ General Knowledge/ Math/ Intelligence/ Computer Awareness.

GS and GK shall carry 60 Questions of 180 Marks. Therefore, this portion is very important to clear this exam. Now get ready to read and prepare these questions.

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JSSC Panchayat Secretary / Lower Division Clerk General Studies / GK Question Paper –

Q. 1. Who was the founder of Sur Dynasty ?

Answer – Farid

Q. 2. In which city of Jharkhand were 34th National Games started ?

Answer – Ranchi ( From 12th Feb 2011 to 26th Feb 2011 )

Q. 3. Which is the Highest Waterfall of Jharkhand ?

Answer – Lodh Falls also known as Burhaghat Falls ( This is the 21st highest waterfalls of India as well )

Q. 4. Who was the writer of Ain-i-Akbari ?

Answer – Abul Fazal

Q. 5. Whom did the English defeat in the Battle of Plassey in 1757 ?

Answer – Sirajuddaula, the Nawab of Bengal

Q. 6. How much time did the Constituent Assembly take to complete the Constitution ?

Answer – 2 years, 11 months and 18 days.

Q. 7. To which article of the Constitution is Right to Education related ?

Answer – Article 21 A.

Q. 8. What should be the minimum age of a person to be the President of India ?

Answer – 35 years

Q. 9. What is the National Tree of India ?

Answer – Banyan Tree

JSSC PS/ LDC Sample Paper with Solution

Q. 10. Which state is Rauf the classical dance of ?

Answer – Jammu and Kashmir

Q. 11. Where is Indian Military Academy located ? When did it come to existence ?

Answer – Dehradun ( 1932)

Q. 12. What is the height of the Mesosphere layer ?

Answer – 50-80 km.

Q. 13. What is the full form of EPROM in Computer ?

Answer – Erasable Programmable Read Only Memorable

Q. 14. What is the size of Tera Byte in Giga Bytes ?

Answer – 1024 GB

Q. 15. What is the pH value of the milk ( cow ) ?

Answer – 6.3 to 6.6

Q. 16. In which country did ICC Champions Trophy take place ?

Answer – England

Q. 17. Name the scientist who has bagged Prestigious Dan David Award ?

Answer – Shrinivas Kulkarni

Q. 18. When do we observe World Metrology Day ?

Answer – On 20th of May

Q. 19. What was the duration of First Five Years’ Plan of India ?

Answer – 1951 to 1956

Q. 20. Which was the first state to Implement GST ? On which date did it implement this tax ?

Answer – Assam ( 12th August 2016)


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