Paris Agreement on Climate Change – Aim, Facts, Important Information

The much-talked and much-awaited Paris Pact shall come into Force from 4th of November 2016. This Agreement shall prove to be a great landmark in bringing to the emissions threshold. As many as Seventy Two Countries have formally joined this Green Pact. In the words of United Nations Chief Ban Ki-moon –

This is a momentous occasion. Global momentum for the Paris Agreement to enter into force in 2016 has been remarkable ….According to him,passing of this Agreement means that there is the urgent requirement for the countries to take steps to check damage to our environment. USA President Barrack Obama has also called it a historic day in the fight to protect our planet for future generations.

The Paris Climate deal has been ratified by 72 countries which emit more than 56 per cent of global greenhouse gas. India which is the 3rd largest emitter of green house gas gave formal consent to this treaty on 2nd of October 2016 on the occasion of Gandhi Anniversary. It was the 62nd country to sign this pact. It is surprising that India is responsible for 4.1 % emissions.

Paris Agreement on Climate ChangeAIM of Paris Agreement 2015

  1. No doubt, the chief objective is to tackle climate change. This Agreement emphasizes on the need to combat climate change collectively besides accelerating and intensifying the actions and investments for sustainable low-carbon future.
  2. Moreover, it has the main goal to limit the global temperature increase to well below 2 degree Celsius.
  3. Another aim is to ensure appropriate financial flows for the purpose. The Paris Pact shall ensure a new technology framework and enhanced capacity building framework to support action by developing countries and the most vulnerable ones also keeping in view their national interests and objectives.
  4. Another major objective is to have enhanced transparency of action and support via a more solid transparency framework.

After the Paris Climate Pact come into the existence, there shall be Climate Conference ( CoP 22) shall begin in Morocco in November. The work will with UN Climate Talks in Morocco to discuss the rules for putting the Agreement into Practice.

The countries which have ratified the Paris Agreement in the eleventh hour are – Bolivia, Canada, France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Malta, Portugal, Nepal, Slovakia and European Union.

Even the countries which have not ratified this Pact so far can participate in the Talk organized for the member countries to observe the proceedings.

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