REET Practice Set, Question Paper for Preparation with Answer key

This page contains some questions for the candidates who are preparing for REET. The paper contains answers at the end of the paper. So check your preparation level.

REET Question Paper with Answers / Solution Key

Q. What is the IQ for the idiots ?

Answer – Less than 20 or 25

Q. What is the IQ for the average students ?

Answer – Between 90 and 110

Q. Who has uttered the following quotation – Ability of learning is wisdom.

Answer – Buckingham

Q. How to measure IQ of a student ?

Answer – Mental age/ real age × 100

Q. In which scripture, ten stages of human development have been described ?

Answer – Mahabharta

Q. Who does not consider Psychology the science of soul ?

Answer – Watson

Q. What was the capital of king Harshvardhan ?

Answer – Kannauj

Q. Who was the founder of Marya clan ?

Answer – Chandragupta

Q. Who was the first British Governor General of India ?

Answer – Hattings

Q. What is the ancient name of Assam ?

Answer – Kamrup

Q. Give the one word substitution of the following expression – a nursery where children cared for while their parents ate at work –

Answer – Creche

Q. a person who deals in flowers –

Answer – Florist

Practice Set for REET ( Rajasthan TET )

Q. IEP stands for –

Answer – Individualized Educational Progress

Q. What was the age of Mughal clan ?

Answer – 1526 to to 1857

Q. Who had got the Moti Masjid ( Agra) built ?

Answer – Shahjhan

Q. Where is Badshahi Masjid located ?

Answer – Lahore

Q. Who had used the word ” Green Revolution” for the first time ?

Answer – William Gad from the USA

Q. Namdev belonged to ….

Answer – Maharashtra

Q. What is the collection of Kabir’s semons ?

Answer – Bijak

Q. Who was the founder of Mughal Empire in India ?

Answer – Babar

Q. Who was the first Viceroy of India ?

Answer – Lord Cunning

Q. When did the first rail start in India ?

Answer – 16th of April 1853

Q. Who was the founder of Abhinav Bharat ?

Answer – V.D. Savarkar

Q. Who is known as the Mother of Indian Revolution ?

Answer – Madam Bhikaji Kama

Q. Who had started India House in London ?

Answer – Shyamji Krishan Verma

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