SSC CGL Tier 1 Previous ( Last) Year’s Question Paper with Answer Key

SSC has issued notification for the upcoming CGL exams in 2017. The series of exams shall begin in August. The aspirants must have started the preparation for the said exam. And those who are already under preparation must have given it a final gear.

However, it is important to have access to some previous year’s question papers for better understanding of the nature of the questions. In this way, you don’t need to read things from first cover to last one. You can be choosy as far as the exam content is concerned.

We are publishing 02/09/2016 SSC CGL Tier I GK and Current Affairs Question Paper. We have provided the answer key at the end of the exam. Here we hope these questions will help you in understanding the nature of such exams.

SSC CGL Tier I General Knowledge / Current Affairs –

Q. 1. Which country is known as the Manchester of South ?

Q. 2. Who was the flag bearer during Rio Olympic 2016 event ?

Q. 3. Who was the first to score 1000 runs in one innings – a. Sachin b. Kambli c. Pranav Dhanvade d. Abhinav Bindra

Q. 4. Which of the following is the highest irrigation project ?

a. Buckingham Canal b. Indira Gandhi Canal c. Upper Gas Canal d. Tajewala Canal

Q. 5. Which is the fertile soil of Kerala ?

Q. 6. वेटन कप is related with the following sports ?

Q. 7. Name the state in which we find the Sun Temple ?

SSC CGL Tier I 2nd of Sept 2016 Solved Paper

Q. 8. How do we measure the development of bacteria ?

Q. 9. Synagogue is the worshiping place of –

Q. 10. Highest Civilian Airport (सबसे ऊँचा असैनिक हवाई अड्डा ) –

Q. 11. Branch of biology which describes the extinct creatures ?

Q. 12. Blue Revolution (नीली क्रांति )  is related with …

Q. 13. Which dance is famous in Assam during the ripe of the crops ?

Q. 14. Photo-respiration releases ….

Q. 15. Unix Operating System is good for ….

Q. 16. Sink Hole is a phenomenon …

Q. 17. What should be the least distance for clear vision ?

Q. 18. In Australia, summer rain decreases ….

Answer –

Answer key – 1. Coimbatore 2. Abhinav Bindra 3. c 4. b 5. Laterite Soil 6. Hockey 7. Konark Sun Temple Odisha 8. Spectrophotometer 9. Jews 10. Tibet 11. जातिवृत 12. Fish Production 13. Bihu Folk Dance 14. ग्लाइकोलेट 15. Multi-user 16. Karst 17. 25 cm 18. From North to South

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