Translation Practice Set of Tense- From Hindi to English

Practice Translation of Tense ( All Tenses ) – Important Sentences Hindi to English – Very Important and Simple Sentences – Useful links for the students Translation Practice Set of Tenses ( Hindi to English ) – वह दो घंटे

Use of Tense for SSC, Banking, Railways Exams

This is the age of competition – competition in each and every field. But the greatest competition is for the Jobs and Admissions.There are many exams meant for the Admissions and Written exams. There are generally four common subjects in

Practice Set of Tense – Present, Past and Future

Do the practice of tenses for every class – Practice Set of Present Tense, Past Tense and Future Tense with solution – Useful links for students Q. She wonders if she ———— ( pass ) this time. Answer – will

Perfect Continuous Tense – Structure & Usage

In this segment of rules of the tenses, we shall cover Present Perfect Continuous, Past Perfect Continuous and Future Perfect Continuous Tense on this page. Earlier we have covered Indefinite, Continuous and Perfect tenses. After covering the Perfect Continuous Tense,

Translation related with Tenses – Complete Present Tense

On the demands of our readers, we are preparing Translation Practice Set related with Tenses. We shall prepare it in three parts – Translation ( Present Tense ), Translation ( Past Tense ) and  Translation ( Future Tense). First of

Practice Set for Tense / Verbs – Question Paper -1

This page is completely dedicated to the Practice of Verbs/ Tenses. We have already provided you the use of Tenses. You can see this usage of Tense here. Now we are providing you some Practice opportunity by providing Tense/ Verb