Actuarial Science – Universities Abroad Course Cost, Admission Date, Salary

If you wish to make career in Actuarial Science and are not acquainted with things related with, you are on the right page to get such info. Actuarial Science has a great scope these days. You can get the idea of its scope from the hefty packages, this course can fetch to your bank account.

Salary in India – There is great demand of the professionals carrying this degree in India. The fresher can get Rs 4 to 5 lac initially which may turn into whopping package of Rs 66 lac per annum.

Salary in Abroad – After some experience, the candidates possessing Actuarial Science can expect the salary up to around One Lac dollars.

But most of the time, the salary depends upon the nature of the firm and experience.

What does the candidates possessing degree in Actuarial Science do / are expected to do ?

The candidates get mastery over advanced math and statistical stuff to assess risk in the insurance and finance sectors. Besides, they are expected to forecast cost and probability of an event/situation. Important subjects the candidates undergo for Exams while doing this course are –

Math, Statistics, Finance, Economics etc.

Universities – Country-wise, Admission Schedule / Dates/ Duration of the course –

United States of America (USA)

Universities are –

  • NY University
  • Uni of Michigan
  • Uni of California ( Los Angeles and Berkeley )
  • Columbia Uni

Duration of Course – For the bachelor course it is 4 years while for Master’s it is 2 years.

Fee Structure – The candidates may have to pay Around 30 lac per annum.

Schedule for the Admission – Sept / January.

Actuarial Science Course in United Kingdom ( UK)

Universities Watch –

  • Heriot – Watt Uni
  • Imperial College London
  • Uni of Kent
  • Leicester Uni

Duration of the course –

For the UG course it is 3 years whereas for PG it is 1 year.

See the Fee structure –

Around Rs 24 to 26 lac per annum.

Duration of course – Sept/ Oct and Jan/ Feb

Singapore –


  • NTU
  • NUS

Duration for UG Course – 3 to 4 years

For PG Course – 1.6 to 2 years

Admission Date – Sept / January

Hong Kong –

Best Universities for Actuarial Science Course –

  • Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • CUHK
  • Uni of Hong Kong

Duration – For the bachelor course it is 3 years and for PG course it may be from 1 to 2 years.

Fee Structure – Around Rs 15 lac yearly.

Admission Date / Schedule – Sept/ Feb

Australia –

Universities which offer the course in Actuarial Science are –

  • Bond University
  • Melbourne University
  • UON

Duration of the course in Australia – For Bachelor – 3 years and for Master’s – 2 years

Fee Structure – Around Rs 25 lac

Admission Schedule – Feb/ July

Canada –

University watch f0r Actuarial Science

  • Toronto Uni
  • Uni of Waterloo
  • Simon Fraser Uni

Course Cost – An aspirant may have to pay Rs 25 lac per year.

Duration of the course – UG – 4 years whereas for PG – 2 years

Duration of the course – Sept / Jan

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