All State Boards will conduct uniform Exam – Results on the same Day

Ministry of Human Resources, Indian Govt is making all efforts to hold Board exams of all Boards at the same time. As a result the Results shall also be declared at the same time. The Ministry has sent its proposal/recommendation for the same to all the state boards. Besides four committees have been constituted for making consensus, receiving feed back from the concerned boards, and for reviewing this proposal also.

As per the MHA Resources, the Committees will have to submit their reports. If consensus is formed along with the states, the system may come in to force from 2017.

What is the purpose behind this move ?

The students are suffering a lot due to this irregular system of exams and then declaration of the results. Most of the problem occur at the time of Entrance Tests. Due to delay in the Board Exams and declaration of Results, most of the students are deprived of taking the  Entrance Tests and Admissions to various courses. They have no option but to take admissions to other inferior courses.

The Ministry is also mooting to prepare Uniform Syllabus for all the Board Classes. This step will be beneficial for those millions of students who take Common Written Exams at the Centre Level. Due to this difference in the syllabus, most of the parents prefer CBSE Schools for their wards.

The Results for all the state boards shall be declared before 31st of May. In some of the Exams for the Admissions, candidates’ 12th marks are considered. In such situation, this decision shall prove a boon for millions of students. It is important to inform here that in JEE, the govt is planning to scrap the role of 12th class marks. Read full story from here.

Latest Update 1st Sept 2018 – So far this rule has not been implemented. It seems to be a far cry and impracticable.

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