JEE Two Tier, School Marks System May be Scrapped

You may see drastic changes in the Joint Entrance Exam ( JEE ) very soon. A Govt Panel Constituted for the purpose is reviewing the process of admission to IITs and NITs. The Panel has suggested the following transformations in the Prevailing System of Exam which is taken by a large no of of Science students after Senior Secondary Exams.

The Panel has proposed to end the weightage given to school marks for admissions to IITs and NITs. There is also proposal to check CBSE's ( Central Board of School Education Board ) role in holding JEE ( Main ). This will check the unhealthy competition of grabbing more and more Marks in Board Exams. These changes have been proposed to take place from 2017.

Besides there is proposal to set up National Testing Services by 2016 to hold Aptitude Test Online to check the Scientific Ability of the candidates. Through this test around 4 Lakh candidates shall be selected for taking the further test called JEE which shall be held by any of the IITs.

Out of these 4 Lakh candidates, 40,000 + shortlisted candidates shall be ranked to get admission to IITs and NITs that shall be based on Common Counselling.

Besides, all the IITs are suggested to set up a system for conducting Mock JEE Examinations to help the students looking forward to taking JEE. This new practice shall certainly be helpful in discouraging the students taking very costly Coaching Classes.

The Govt has also clarified that the new system will come in to being from 2017 as the consultation is still going on in this regard. So JEE 2016 will adopt the same process as JEE 2015.

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