Arunachal Pradesh GK & Current Affairs for Competitive Exams

Arunachal Pradesh literally means Land of the Dawn-Lit Mountains. We also know this state by the name Orchid state of India. This state is one of the North-eastern states known as Seven Sisters.

Read Arunachal Pradesh GK and Current Affairs The states that share its borders are – in the south Assam and Nagaland. International boundaries it shares with Bhutan in the west, China in the North and Myanmar in the east.

This border sharing makes it strategically one of the most important states of India. The capital of Arunachal Pradesh is Itanagar.

Now read some of the important General Knowledge and Current Affairs Questions about Arunachal Pradesh.

AP GK and Current Affairs Questions –

Q. When did the state come into existence ?

Answer – 20th Feb 1987

Q. How many districts are there in the state ?

Answer – Twenty

Q. Who is the Governor the Arunachal Pradesh ?

Answer – Brig BD Mishra ( retd)

Q. Name of the Chief Minister of the state ?

Answer – Prema Khandu ( BJP) ( Again from 29th May 2019 …… )

Q. How many members/member does Arunachal Pradesh send to Rajya Sabha/ Lok Sabha ?

Answer – 1 and 2 respectively

Arunachal Pradesh General Knowledge Questions for Competitive exams

Q. What is the name of the High Court of the state ?

Answer – Guwahati High Court ( Itanagar Bench)

Q. What is the population of the state as per 2011 census ?

Answer – 1382611

Q. What is its rank in population ?

Answer – 27th rank

Q. What is its population density ?

Answer – 17/ sq km

Q. Literacy rate in the state is ….

Answer – 66.95%

Q. Which is the official language in the state ?

Answer -English

Q. What is the state song of Arunachal Pradesh ?

Answer -Jia Jin Jia

Q. What are the state animal and bird ?

Answer – Mithun and Hornbill respectively

Q. State flower and tree respectively ?

Answer – Fox-tail Orchid and Hollong

Q. How many assembly seats are there in the state ?

Answer – 60

Q. NEFA stands for ……

Answer – North East Frontier Agency

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