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Exams are the inevitable part of each and everybody’s life. Even the mention of this word ” Exam” causes mortification to the examinees. They get terrified and their minds become numb. They are the most pitiable souls during the exams.

Work, work and work and still uncertainly prevails. That’s why they need motivations on regular basis during this tough time of their life. They need quotes uttered by great people of the world. These magical words may provide their torturing mind and soul some relief.

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As a result, the Examweb Team is making a collection of some very precious thoughts/ quotes by the great people of the world. They shall be in English and Hindi languages. You can also SMS these wonderful words to your friends and cousins. They will also get some inspiration and get rid of exam phobia.

Quotes and Thoughts by Great People of the world

Best Exam Quotes for Motivation –

Exams test your hard work, stamina and determination. So don’t let it feel them low.

Don’t give up till the eleventh hour of exam.

Small efforts lead to big ones.

You are too close to victory to dare give up now.

तनाव छोड़े, अपना सबसे अच्छा दें और बाकी सब भूल जाएँ।

परीक्षा आपका परिचय आपसे करवाती है। आपको अपने स्रोतों व् सामर्थ्य का एहसास होता है। अतः परीक्षा का स्वागत करें।

( Exam introduces you to yourself. You realize your resources and ability. Therefore, welcome the exams.)

All are examinees of the exam called life. Some pass and most of them taste failures. But great people overcome such failures.

If you get fail, start anew.

Learn the art of facing hardships from an ant. Despite repeated failures, it achieves success. ( जिंदगी की मुसीबतों का सामना करना चींटी से सीखें। निरंतर असफलताओं के बावजूद यह सफलता प्राप्त कर ही लेती है। )

Ensure your success by starving your distractions and feeding your focus. (अपने भटकाओ को ख़त्म करके व् अपना पूरा फोकस करके अपनी सफलता सुनिश्चित करें।  )

You are about to touch the finishing line, so don’t stop now. (आप निर्णायक रेखा को छूने वाले हैं। अतः अब हार न मानें।  )

Exams teach the takers the art of handling hardships of life and finding their solutions using own resources. ( हर परीक्षा हमें जिंदगी की मुसीबतों का सामना करने व् स्रोतों का प्रयोग करके उनका हल ढूंढ़ने की कला सिखाती है।  )

Examinations are the part of learning in life. We learn a lot.

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