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Morning Walk

Man is living a life full of burdens, anxieties and, therefore, diseases. He has no peace of mind. He doesn’t have time to feel relaxed. So he needs to focus on his heath. He needs exercise and morning walk. Morning is always beautiful. It is full of joys provided by the objects of nature. No noise, no pollution, no population. Perfect time to make a start of the day.

People prefer to go to parks and grounds. There are trees and plants that emit life-giving oxygen. Fresh air is prevalent all around which is a great boon in the modern era. This air helps in improving the health of person. A regular morning walker gets rid of metabolic, cardiac, respiratory disorders.

There are very beautiful views such as greenery, birds, cleanliness etc. Such things refresh the mind. There are many people taking morning walk. Therefore parks and grounds abound with people and activity. Some are jogging, others are doing light exercises and some others are doing yoga.

Some young people can be seen playing games. Morning time is also best for meditation purposes. So you can see people in groups doing meditation. There are also laughing clubs becoming active in the morning.

You can find them bursting into laughter without any reason. There are also some who just come to sit and chat. We can find the people of all age groups getting involved in the activity as per their taste, age or requirements.

Morning walk also makes you social. You meet acquaints and strangers on the daily basis. You exchange pleasantries.  The elderly shower blessings on you. After sometime, there is the the formation of Morning-walk-family making their bond stronger.

To conclude, Morning walk is a perfect exercise. Besides the aforesaid, there are other myriad benefits. A morning walker is to get up earlier and therefore, has longer day. He is more punctual than others. He is cautious in his food habits that keeps him healthier. A morning walker remains active all the day. He always bears constant smiles on his face that makes him a jovial fellow. Consequently other people like to mix with him. He has the sharp mind.

Somebody has rightly said :

Early to sleep and early to rise

makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise.

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  1. Early to sleep and early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise.


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