HSSC Field Investigator 23rd May 2017 Answer key With Solution & Result

The aspirants for Field Investigator (11/2015) posts can have a glance at their 23rd May Exam Answer key below. Besides, you can get the information regarding your result. Like other exams by HSSC, it contained 100 Objective Type Questions each of 2 marks.

The duration of complete it was only 90 minutes. Whereas 75 % portion was from GK ( Chiefly Economics related ), English, Hindi, Reasoning, Math, 25% had come from Haryana GK.

Here below we are providing you the solved Question Paper with Complete Solution. We hope that it will help you evaluate your exam performance a bit. There may be some errors despite our sincere efforts. If you find them, don’t hesitate to tell us so that we may rectify them.

Haryana Staff Field Investigator Answer key with Complete Solution/ Result Information –

English Portion –

Q. The Police will look …….the matter.

Answer – into

Q. He makes a mistake ……………

Answer – Rarely ( adverb )

Q. …………..you living in a village ?

Answer – Are

Q. One must live ……….one’s means.

Answer – within

Q. He slept at night ——–

Answer – Vaguely

Q. They were talking in the class ………

Answer – Loudly

HSSC Field Officer Exam Hindi Portion –

Q. भाई किताब पढता है।

Answer – भाई से किताब पढ़ी जाती है।

Q. पशुओं का झुण्ड 

Q. आँखों में पानी है –

Answer – अधिकरण कारक

Q. घूमने की आदत
Answer – घुमक्कड़

Q. चालाकी

Answer – संज्ञा

Q. नेत्र

Answer – जलद

23rd May Haryana GK

Q. District of Haryana where largest livestock farm located is  ….

Answer – Hisar

Q. Companion Cells are closely associated with ….

Answer – Vessel elements

Q. Mineral found in District Mahendragarh ?

Answer – Lime Stone, Copper and China clay

Q. Statue of Lord Vishnu reclining on the serpent-bed found in …

Answer – Fazilpur ( Sonepat )

Q. Bapoli belongs to ..

Answer – Panipat

Q. Which chief minister of Haryana had completed the task of providing electricity to every village ?

Answer – Bansilal

Q. Name the district of Haryana with the least rate of women’s literacy ?

Answer – Mewat

Q. Assembly not reserved for Scheduled Caste ( SC) ?

Answer – Narnaul

Q. What was the oldest industry production of Gurugaon ( Gurugram ) ?

Answer – Car

Q. Player Ram Mehar has the connection with the following sport ..

Answer – Kabaddi

General Knowledge Questions

Q. Where will be the India’s first gender University is going to set up ?

Answer – Kerala

Q. Juvenile delinquents are the offenders including boys and girls who are normally under …..

Answer – 18 years of age

Q. First Reformatory Schools Act was passed in …

Answer – in 1920

Q. Who manage the Remand Homes ?

Answer – State Govt

Q. Youth unrest is ….

Answer – Student Revolt

Q. Which type of marriage is illegal ?

Answer – Child Marriage

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