No Interview in Grade B, C and D Posts – Says PM in Mann Ki Baat

This is certainly a welcome news for all the youngsters that there shall be no Interview System in the jobs for Group B, Group C and Group D Category Posts under the Central Govt from 1st of January 2016.

No Interview in Grade B, C and D Posts – Says PM Modi

The Process of Scrapping the Interview System is going on. This information was shared by PM Sh Narendra Modi while he was addressing the whole Country in his talk-show Mann Ki Baat on 25th of October i.e. on Sunday. No Interview in Grade B, C and D Posts

He mentioned his Independence Day Speech in which he had mentioned that there was no need of Interviews in the small jobs. According to him, no psychologist of the world can evaluate the merit of a candidate in just one or two minutes’ time. So this is meaningless.

Interview in Grade B, C and D Posts – Says No

This interview system encourages corruption in the selection process . The helpless youth runs here and there to find recommendations for getting these petty jobs. When he ( the interviewee)  is not able to give money or find proper recommendations or both, he/she doesn’t get the jobs.

He does not get the job on the basis of his failure in the Interview. Henceforth no youngster shall lose job just because of interview, PM assured.

Besides, the PM lauded the Media Channels for their efforts for promoting Sanitation Drive in the country. He also requested the people for giving their maximum contribution to this drive of cleaning the country especially during Diwali festival. He told the people to enjoy the festival but after enjoying it, it is their duty to clean the surroundings.

On the occasion of Diwali, he told the people, the Govt is planning to start Gold Related Schemes. He encouraged the people to invest their gold in the banks and earn interest on that. Indigenous Gold Coins will also be available in the market on the occasion of this festival of Lights.

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    Hon PM , Shri Modiji has announced that , starting 01 Jan 2016 , there will be no interviews for recruitment in B / C / D categories of employees in Central Government

    You may like to call this :

    A / B / C / D of Interviewing ! or , Non-Interviewing ?

    Henceforth , recruitment would be made only on the basis of marks scored by candidates in written exams , conducted by ,


    Believe me , there will be 2589 applicants scoring 94 % mark !

    In which case , who gets that job ?

    > Candidates with surnames starting with " A / B / C " ?
    > Candidates belonging to OBC / SC / ST quota ?
    > State-wise / Population-wise Quota ?
    > Candidates having Ph D / Master degree ?

    Last year , SSC recruited about 55,000 employees from 17 million applicants ( 309 applicants for each vacancy )

    Now take a look at the following news ( DNA / 11 Sept 2015 ) :

    Against 368 vacancies of " Peons " advertized by UP Govt , applications received were as follows :

    * Total Number of applicants………….. 20 lakh
    { 5,435 applicants for each post ! }

    * No of PhDs……………………………… 201

    * No of Master Degree holders………… 20,056

    * No of Bachelor Degree holders………. 1,23,000

    * No of 12th Standard pass…………….. 6,00,000

    * No of 10th Standard pass…………….. 8,20,000

    { Minimum prescribed Edu Qualification = 10th Standard }

    I suppose the Edu Profile ( and Min Edu Quali ) of those applying for Central Govt jobs in B / C / D categories , is no different

    If so , those applicants holding Ph D / MA , qualifications , can be expected to" Top the lists "with high marks! And corner all jobs ?

    Will that lead to ,

    > Getting higher Educational Qualifications ?
    > Getting higher marks in 10th/12th Std for admissions to
    Colleges ?
    > Bribing college examiners ?
    > Huge amount of frustration/resentment among those Ph Ds for
    taking up a job below their skills ?

    What is the rationale behind the decision to do away with the interviewing ? HT ( 26 Oct 2015 ) quotes :

    * Shri Modiji :
    I have never heard of a psychologist who can evaluate a person during an interview of one to two minutes

    * Shri Shekhar Singh
    Interview did not serve a purpose for junior posts, particularly when the government had never defined the attributes of a civil servant for a particular job

    No doubt , these are very valid points , which " No Interview " decision seems to answer in short term

    But the long term answer is :

    * Preliminary elimination based on 10th/12th Std marks
    * Define those " attributes " for each job
    * Design ONLINE " Psychometric Tests " around those
    * Cut-off percentile based on these ONLINE tests
    * Distributing Successful candidates for personal ONLINE
    Interviewing by hiring Government Departments , using a
    portal called,

    This ONLINE interviewing can also be Out-Sourced to
    reputable private sector Recruitment Companies
    ( Public / Private Collaboration ? )

    * Skype based ONLINE Video Interviewing , thru

    * An exhaustive/objective " ASSESSMENT SHEET " ( with 5 point
    weighted average scale on 10 attributes ) , to be filled up
    ONLINE , in the portal by the interviewers, with final
    recommendations on the suitability of interviewed candidates
    This will be transparently available for viewing by ALL citizens
    No need for RTI application !

    When implemented , this would become , one of the finest example of e-Governance thru DIGITAL INDIA

    And , not at all difficult for India – the Software Superpower , if there is a Political Will

    TCS / INFOSYS / WIPRO would do this in 3 months !

    hemen parekh
    26 Oct 2015

    • Good and informative work.


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