School Heads will face consequences if students have guides

The district head quarters have shown unprecedented strictness at the govt teachers and heads. There are some rules the govt teachers will have to face at any cost. The teachers who will furlough will face the first consequence. This for the first time that District Education Office have shown strictness.

It is a common practice that some govt teachers remain absent from the school without any information. If any of the teachers visit the DEO Office, he must have the permission letter from the In-charge.

Second most important thing is that govt will not bear the use of guides in the govt schools. If any of the schools is found using guides in the class-rooms, school heads will face the aftermath. After this order from the District Elementary Education Officer ( DEEO), there is the stir in all the schools of the state.

The most important thing is that there shall be no direct correspondence via e-mails between schools and district offices. Nor the teachers can make any call to such department. Besides there should be the complaint box in all the schools. According to the officials, it is necessary for all the teachers to contact BEO before approaching District Education Office as per the procedures. However, it is necessary to contact BEO before approaching the District Head Quarters.

The govt has taken measures to improve the standard of education in the state. So far, there is the openly use of guides in all the schools of the state. The teachers don’t use the test-books for covering the syllabus. Most of them rely upon guides ( help-books).

And there is the tradition of being absent among the teachers in such schools. So such things have deteriorated the standard of education. Everybody including parents, students and teachers have welcomed this move of the govt. It would be worth-seeing if the govt shall implement this move properly or not.

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