Scotland Yard Requires Bilingual Officers for Hindi, Punjabi

This is really a good news for those who dream to join Scotland Yard, the Territorial Police Force having responsibility for policing of London. The Police Force has earned good name as far as the Security Related services are concerned.

Now what’s the news ? The news is that Scotland Yard is gonna recruit bilingual officers having proficiency in any of the 14 languages which also include Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali.

The move to recruit the Bilingual officers has come to connect with minority communities and also to instill confidence among them for the Police. So this move has been taken very positively by the people.

There is a great opportunity for the Indians to join UK’s largest police force as the BOs. If it happens, the confidence of the minorities will certainly increase in the London Police.

Those who wanna join must wait for a while. The Job Notification will be published soon and shall be available at the Recruitment Portal of the Scotland Yard.

It is note-worthy that a large no of people from other countries live in London. Especially from India, there are many people have settled there and most of them are Punjabis, Bengalis and Hindi Known people.

So the Society of London is very complex and to tackle such society is more complex for the Police. This recruitment news is the outcome of this complexity of London Society. So great chance to work in Scotland. But it is necessary for the people who wish to work there to know a bit about the country.

Facts about Scotland –

  • The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh.
  • You know the largest city ? – It is Glasgow
  • The country came into being in the 9th century. Scotland had the union with England on 1st May 1707 whereas devolution took place on 19th of Nov 1998.
  • The currency of Scotland is Pound Sterling.
  • This is one of the richest countries with per capita income 45,904 pounds.

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