SSC CGL Tier 1 Practice / Question Paper with Solution as per New Pattern

Here examweb team is providing you a Sample Paper/ Question Paper for SSC CGL Tier I Preparation. The paper shall consist Only English Portion. While preparing this paper, we have followed Latest Pattern prescribed by Staff Selection Commission.

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Note – In the next articles, we shall publish Tier I Math & Reasoning Practice Papers.

As per the latest pattern, there shall be the 100 Objective Type Questions for Tier I exam. You can read complete CGL Tier 1 Exam Syllabus and Pattern from here.

SSC CGL Tier 1 Practice Paper –

Total Questions 25

Subject – English Language

English Portion –

Directions – ( Questions 1 to 4) : Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below in the context of the passage.

In many countries only one language, the mother tongue, is enough to satisfy the need for expression of most of their inhabitants. In India, however, the position is more complicated. Here, an educated man is called upon to master more than one language. There is first of all, the language that he learns on his mother’s laps, and through which he expresses his first needs and feelings.

Naturally it is in this that he gains the most proficiency. But, since India is very large country, we really need one extra language, a lingua franca as a means of communication with states other than our own. But even this is not enough.

An educated Indian requires the mastery of an International language, one that is widely understood and used in dealing of one country with another. Ideally speaking then, the educated Indian should be able to read and write in three languages, and moreover, should be able to express himself in all the three with ease and fluency.

Q. 1 How many languages should an educated Indian learn ?

a. One b Two c. Three d. None of these

Q. 2. What is lingua franca ?

a. Common Language b. One’s mother tongue c. Professional Language d. None of these

Q. 3. What type of country is India ?

a. Multilingual b. Bilingual c. Monolingual d. None of these

Q. 4.  Which language serves better as a lingua franca in India ?

a. Hindi b. Tamil c. Urdu d. None of these

Directions – Q. 5 – Q 8 : Read the following passage carefully and fill in the numbered gaps by selecting words from the choices given below –

People are all short-sighted, and generally see but one side of —–5——matter; their views are not extended to all —–6——has a connection with it. From this ——7——–, I conclude no man is free. They see but in part, and they know but in part, and therefore, it is ——8——-wonder they conclude not right from our partial views.

Q. 5. a. the b. any c. a d. no need of word

Q. 6. a. that b. which c. those d. who

Q. 7. a. error b. mistake c. blunder d. defect

Q. 8. a. no b. a c. an d. great

Directions – From Q. 9 to Q. 12 : There are four parts of the following questions. One part is wrong. Choose that one.

Q. 9. The man disappeared (a)/ after he has committed (b) / a murder in the running train (c) / No Error ( e)

Q. 10. I could (a) / not stand (b) / the first act even (c) / No Error ( d).

Q. 11. No sooner the police arrived (a) / than the thieves (b)/ made good their escape (c)/ No Error.

Q. 12. Students do hard work (a)/ in the hope to pass (b)/ the examination (c) / No Error (d).

Directions – From Q. 13 to 14 : Fill up the blanks with suitable prepositions from the alternatives given under each sentence –

Q. 13. She has taken ——–acting as a career.

a. over b. off c. up d. none of these

Q. 14. John is very clever and work ——-any difficult problem.

a. for b. out c. with d. none of these

Q. 15 What do we call soldiers who fight on horseback ?

a. Cavalry b. Infantry c. Artillery d. Armored

Q. 16. Anything spoken or done without preparation ?

a. Extempore b. Verbatim c. Novice d. None of these

Q. 17 Give the synonym of the following word – Verbiage

a. Circumlocution b. terseness c. brevity d. None of these

Q. 18 What is the opposite meaning of the following word – Decode

a. Decipher b. Transcribe c. Interpret d. None of these

Directions – From Q. 19 to Q. 22

Q. 19. Look ! She is making painting.

a. Painting is being make look !

b. Look ! Painting is being made by her.

c. Look ! Painting is making by her.

d. None of these

Q. 20. Don’t write on the walls.

a. The walls are not written on.

b. You are forbidden not to write on the walls.

c. We request you not to write on the walls.

d. None of these

Q. 21. He said, ” Congratulations, My son, you have won.”

a. He said congratulations to my son that he had won.

b. He wished congratulations to his son that he had won.

c. He congratulated his son telling him that he had won.

d. None of these

Q. 22. I said to Rohan, ” He didn’t work hard, did he ?”

a. I asked Rohan if he didn’t work hard.

b. I asked Rohan that he hadn’t worked hard and asked if he had.

c. I asked Rohan if he hadn’t worked hard.

d. None of these

Q. 23. Re-arrange the parts of the following para –

Of its colorful ceremonies (P)/ To say that the ( Q) / is not an overstatement (R) /  Navy is proud ( S)


Q. 24 – 25 – Choose the word nearest in meaning to bold part-

24. Kinjal asked Rudra not to meddle in her work.

a. Help b. interfere c. intercede d. none of these

25. They have got their house refurbished recently.

a. sold b. painted c. renovated d. decorated

Solution – 1. c 2. a 3. a 4. d 5. a 6. a 7. d 8. a 9. b. ( after he had committed ) 10. c ( delete the ) 11. a ( did the police ) 12. b. in the hope of passing 13. c 14. b 15. a 16. a 17. a 18. d 19. b 20. d ( You are forbidden to write on the walls.) 21. None of these 22. c 23. a. 24. b 25. c

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